French ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. She and also her partner, Guillaume Cizeron, still managed to notch a an excellent score in spite of the mishap.

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By Des Bieler and also Liz Clarke | Washington Post throughout the an initial week of the Olympics, a South oriental ice dancer had to battle to store her peak from fallout’s down once a clasp in the earlier gave way just after she and her partner started your routine throughout the team competition. ~ above Monday, a French ice cream dancer can not prevent that awkward fate when her left chest was exposed when she competed in the quick program.

Guillaume Cizeron performs with Gabriella Papadakis together the back fastening of she costume cames undone throughout the ice dance short dance event.(Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images)Gabriella Papadakis, in addition to her partner, Guillaume Cizeron, still regulated to notch a an excellent score despite the wardrobe malfunction and the adjustments it led to in she movements. She was just seconds right into their program as soon as her costume traction apart in the ago by her neck, and also she was visibly upset about the event afterward. “It was kind of … in our think all follow me the routine a small bit,” claimed Cizeron, that handled most of the questions in a post-event media session. “When friend rotate, it’s sort of hard to keep your dress on once it’s open.”
The French team wound up through a score the 81.93, putting them in second place behind Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (83.67), v Tuesday’s free dance still to come. Team USA’s Madison Hubbell and also Zachary Donohue were third at 77.75, through Americans additionally in 4th (Maia and also Alex Shibutani, 77.73) and also seventh (Madison Chock and also Evan Bates, 75.45). “It’s simply frustrating to miss out on a couple of points due to the fact that of a costume issue,” claimed Cizeron, 23. “That’s no what we get ready for as soon as we train. I’m tho proud that we controlled to pull out a program prefer that also with a difficulty like this. “We look front to a new day tomorrow and we have actually all our possibilities to win. We’ll just do our best.” Start your day through the news you need from the bay Area and also beyond. Sign up for our new Morning Report weekday newsletter. as soon as asked if she was okay, the 22-year-old Papadakis available a rueful chuckle when replying, “Not great” (via USA Today). ~ a question about how their format of dance has transformed the sport, she said, “Thank girlfriend for not talking around the dress anymore.”

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In enhancement to being televised live to audience worldwide, the revealing event was supposedly replayed in slow motion in south Korea’s Gangneung ice Arena, wherein the event was held. “I to be like, ‘Oh no!’ ” southern Korea’s Yura Min, who finished 16th Monday with companion Alexander Gamelin, said last main of she mishap. “If that comes undone, the entirety thing could just popular music off. Ns was terrified the entire program.”