I do the French ladies don’t acquire fat leek soup recently – a recipe by Mireille Guiliano from she book, French ladies don’t gain fat. The book has been the end for a while now, if you haven’t read it, get it. You will love her honest and also witty overview to enjoying a love affair through food without payment the consequences. And also I bet you will certainly love this wonder leek soup!

French women Don’t gain Fat…

Yes, i too have been with arollercoaster ofself-inflicted wardrobe changes from size 8 come 14 then ago to 10.So, it was a breath of new air to come across a book and also an author who take away a an ext common-sense method tonot so much dieting however making way of living choices. Options that bring pleasure ago to weightloss and also are sustainable for controlling long ax results.

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Sure, everyone is different and certain things work far better for part than others, but that’s what’s so great about this common-sense strategy to enjoy it food. It’s one adage that i have embraced in my very own cookbooks, too.

Find your own personal balance, based on your likes and dislikes. It will not only median that friend won’t have to deny yourself any of her favourite foods or treats, however you will additionally have a positive and also sustainable arrangement for the future.

And shot the magical leek soup. It’s delicious and a an excellent place to begin your journey.

Magical Leek Soup Recipe

The French ladies don’t obtain fat leek soup cooking recipes is quite simple. It calls for simply a handful of ingredients. Ingredients that room nutritious and aid feed the good bugs in your gut. In my opinion, having actually a healthy gut flora is the very first place to begin your weight loss journey.

The two key ingredients in the magical leek soup, are leeks and mushrooms. Leeks are a exorbitant prebiotic (good gut bacteria food) and mushrooms contain lot of of Vitamin D, which likewise helps through a healthy and balanced gut.

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Adapted from Mireille Guiliano's French ladies don't gain fat. Serve with (cheesy) sourdough toast if you're emotion adventurous, or afraid the soup could not meet you, though I'm pretty sure it will. Feel cost-free to substitute mushrooms for cauliflower or iceberg lettuce leaves. You deserve to also include other source vegetables to the mix. Frozen veges are an excellent too.
2 leeks white components only10 mushrooms1 carrot1/2 cup green beans4 cup vegetable stock1 tbsp butter // or dairy free spreadpepper come taste