Hang v DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fresh Prince in one upcoming board game based on the lovely 1990s sitcom.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff and also the fresh Prince: Summertime is a rapid card video game inspired through the award winning 1991 track that to be released together the fresh Prince of Bel Air television show. In the table game, players are invited come sit back and unwind v DJ Jazzy Jeff and also the titular new Prince in ~ The Spot. However, an afternoon the relaxing and dancing is interrupted once the players are tested to prove whether they are worthy of involvement the rappers’ crew.

In the game, two to four players take turns to play cards in order to gather the many cool point out possible. Every round begins with the height card of the clues deck being revealed, prior to players choose a mix of energy and activity cards from their hand - must they have a boost card, climate players will have the ability to use those on peak of what they play come gain an ext lighting bolts. When picking an power card, players will advantage from play one the matches the vibe that the current spot. Because that example, the players will want to be maxin’ if the point out dictates this.

Action cards can enable players to perform a particular action, as long as the is no cancelled by an additional player. Players place their activity and energy cards facedown, prior to revealing them every at once. Certain actions will cancel others and carry out the player with a benefit on top of that. For instance, a cruise card cancels groove cards and boosts the player’s opportunities of acquiring the present spot card. As soon as all actions have actually been play or cancelled, players to compare how countless lightning bolts lock have built up via their power and action cards, with the player holding the most lighting bolts acquisition the spot card.

After eight rounds, players then full their cool points by checking the quantities on the clues cards they’ve collected, also as including any cool points obtained by collecting the right combination of spot card types. Players can also get cool clues by gathering spot cards through vibes that complement those of their player character, who identities will be revealed in ~ the end of the game. Whichever player holds the most cool point out is the winner.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and also the fresh Prince: Summertime to be co-created by Omari Akil and Hamu Dennis, who have actually both previously operated together on laboratory Godz and Hoop Godz, through Akil creating the two games and Dennis producing the artwork for them.


Wizkids is the publishing company responsible because that releasing DJ Jazzy Jeff and also the fresh Prince: Summertime, a studio that’s otherwise most renowned for launching tabletop titles such as the fear board game Fury of Dracula: fourth Edition and the miniatures collection Heroclix.

The fresh Prince of Bel waiting is a television collection which aired between 1990 and 1996 starring will certainly Smith, James Avery and also Janet Hubert-Whitten. In the show, will Smith played a fictional variation of himself as a teenager who is compelled to live in the well-off neighbourhood the Bel air in Los Angeles, ~ being sent out from West Philadelphia by his mother.

The show, i m sorry ran because that over six seasons, is best known because that its catchy theme song, together the miscellaneous other songs that were motivated by it. A reunion episode which rejoined the original cast was exit in November critical year, with a reboot based on a fan film right now in development.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff and the new Prince: Summertime is set to be released sometime “soon” in ~ a sleeve price that $19.99 (£14).