The new Prince of Bel Air struggle the airwaves ago in 1990 making an immense social impact and also forever solidifying actor/rapper will certainly Smith right into Hollywood history. It likewise solidified miscellaneous else… The fresh Prince of Bel Air home will forever it is in a national treasure.

Many the you might be surprised to know that the show, which was developed by Quincy Jones (father the the insanely adorable Rashida Jones), to be actually based on the life of music producer Benny Medina. Medina made decision to key the idea with his actual estate buddy to Mr. Jones who had actually just signed a TV contract v Time-Warner and also the rest, folks, is history. If you’re interested in learning much more about this above show, climate you’re in luck, due to the fact that we’re right here to answer all of your height questions around one that TV’s many iconic sitcoms.

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Fresh Prince the Bel air House

Fresh Prince the Bel-Air house Glendale CA

There have actually been reports the the new Prince of Bel-Air house was situated in Glendale, California, however, this reports are false. The house in question (named the Bel Aire), was but most notably used through producer Aaron Spelling as the main residence in the TV show Flamingo Road.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air house – 251 N Bristol Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Believe the or not, America’s favorite residence was in reality not located in Bel Air in ~ all, but in the Brentwood area the Los Angeles. However, the reality of the matter is that once it pertains to demographics, these two communities are pretty comparable and absolutely the upper-crust that the upper-crust if you understand what ns mean. 


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The single-family house has 5 bedrooms, five bathrooms and is a whopping 6,438 square feet. It sits on a .88 acre lot and also was originally constructed in 1937, yet was provided a renovation in 1946. The Colonial-style, two-story residence came through a beautiful fireplace and pool and also included 9 rooms in total. 

According come, the home was last sold for $732,000 earlier in 1978, however, its worth literally skyrocketed v the development of the show. Current estimates placed the property’s value at a lining $8,777,990. Now, the price that the average house in this area is already pretty steep (we’re talk like around $2.99 million), yet this details home’s calculation still manages to it is in 192.7% better than the typical listing price in the Brentwood area. That’s pretty impressive.

According come Gary Gold, executive vice president of Hilton and Hyland brokerage in Beverly Hills, the producers choose the location due to the fact that it connected that “upper crust, conservative, WASP-y” vibe the show was looking to create with the banks family.

Fresh Prince that Bel Air House Floor Plan

For those of you interested in checking out the fresh Prince that Bel air home’s floor plan, 3D Warehouse has a good mockup the the an initial floor to give you a better idea the the layout that the residence from the show. Keep in mind, this is the layout that what you watch on TV. Which was in reality a collection at a studio, no the actual inside of the home above. #GottaLoveHollywood

Fresh Prince Mansion ~ above Airbnb

Back in beforehand 2020, will Smith partnered with Airbnb to celebrate the 30th anniversary the the show. Because that a limited time, die-hard fans might rent a wing of the home that had been decked out v all the new Prince, 90’s nostalgia you might imagine.


Here’s a partial description from the new Prince home Airbnb listing:

Ready because that the freshest staycation ever? If this ar looks acquainted that’s due to the fact that it’s just as fly as it was once I first rolled increase the driveway. Ns back. And also this time, i’m handing you the keys so you’ll have actually my wing of the mansion every to you yourself – yet my sneaker repertoire is off limits, aight?

Booking opens up at 11am PDT on September 29 for groups of up to 2 LA County residents for continues to be on 10/2, 10/5, 10/8, 10/11 and also 10/14.

*Remember, these five-time, one-night stays are no a contest.

It’s her crib because that the night, therefore feel cost-free to act like you very own the place. Mine wing that the mansion consists of my bedroom (great for naps), a full bathroom (great for spitting bars in the shower), pool area (great for dips), an outdoor lounge, and the dining room (great for eating obviously). And also you gotta do it choose my guy DJ Jazzy Jeff so nothing forget your sunglasses!

Will announced the possibility with a full-on fresh Prince of Bal Air home tour that deserve to still be watched on his YouTube channel.

Where to be The fresh Prince the Bel wait filmed?

The actual show was filmed at several areas over the food of 6 seasons. These locations include Sunset ras Palmas Studios, Hollywood (from 1990-1991), Sunset Grower Studios, The Burbank Studios and also Burbank (from 1993-1996).

Photo: NBC / Getty

Fresh Prince the Bel Air Cast

For those of girlfriend who are as obsessed v the present as i am, you pretty much already know any and also everything about the key cast. But, let’s rest it down for a moment for those readers who don’t and also in the meantime, I’ll carry out you with a couple of interesting factoids along the way.

Will: The character of will certainly was played by none various other than Mr. Will Smith himself. The character was actually created specifically because that the actor/rapper, that was heavily courted through producer Benny Medina to it is in a part of the show. Will at the moment was reluctant due to the reality he didn’t have any type of acting endure and likewise because the pretty much already had an developed career in music. The present not only cemented him into Hollywood background — it likewise helped him pay off his IRS debt. Will certainly at the moment was notoriously bad with his money and owed the IRS a lining $2.8 million in ago taxes. What many world may not know is the for the an initial three seasons, 70% that Smith’s salary went straight to the IRS. 

Carlton: Who to now doesn’t understand the Carlton dance? Alfonso Ribiero played the duty of the Banks’ uptight, straight-laced kid Carlton and to this day, it was his many famous role yet. Ribiero claimed the dance was inspired in component by Courtney Cox’s run in a video for Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and by Eddy Murphy’s infamous “white guy dance”.

Hilary: The role of the Banks’ earliest daughter Hilary to be played by the excellent Karyn Parsons — that pretty much hit the nail on the head as soon as it involved portraying the function of a spoiled, pretentious yet lovable space cadet. Parsons to be 24 as soon as she was actors for the role, which single-handedly been the biggest one of she career.

Ashley Banks: Believe the or no Ali’s exhilaration debut was actually on Sesame Street. However, she pretty much hit gold and make her breakthrough in ~ the ripe old period of 11 as soon as she was actors to pat the function of the Banks’ youngest daughter. 

Nicky: Who no absolutely loss in love with Ross Bagley’s character on the show. That still this day is pretty lot the cutest point I’ve ever seen in mine life. Go you recognize that his full name because that the display was actually Nicholas Andrew Michael Shawn Nathan Wanya Banks? Sound familiar? That’s since he was named after the members of Boyz II males — who likewise just so happened to execute at his christening in season four.

Geoffrey: The lovable, overwhelmed and constantly annoyed servant of the household was play by English actor Joseph Marcell. Before the show, Marcell had already made a name for himself once he became a component of the prestigious imperial Shakespeare firm in London. He eventually made his means to television and film and also was picked up because that the show in 1990 at the age of 42. 

Aunt Viv: The loveable role of Aunt Vivian was initially played through actress Janet hubert for the first three seasons. We all nice much had actually a heart strike when the display promptly changed her with actress Daphne Maxwell Reid because that the remaining three. Hubert was actually offered a 10-episode contract, however, she turned the down as result of the truth that it was exclusive and also thus, prevented her from booking any kind of other work during the time. The producers refused to negotiate v her and also ended up recasting the function to Reid. That sucks!

Uncle Phil: actor James Avery play the patriarch that the family, and ended up being pretty lot one the the most iconic father-figures in TV history. Avery actually had a nice darn long list the television and also film credits prior to he was picked as much as play the function of Uncle Phil in the show. Avery sadly passed away in December the 2013 because of complications from love surgery. 

The original cast, v Janet Hubert, that played Aunt Viv for the very first 3 seasons.


The cast, through Daphne Maxwell Reid, that played Aunt Viv for the final 3 seasons.

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Photo: chris Haston

Who resides in the new Prince that Bel wait house?

So, it’s a little tricky to nail down, however the Brentwood home is thought to currently be inhabited by a Persian businessman and his wife.

Fresh Prince the Bel air Lookalike House

Okay, therefore there was a home that was supplied in the display for among their Christmas illustration (“Deck the Halls”) that was different from the main home that was offered for filming. This residence later came ago into the public eye during the time as soon as VH1 was creating a truth television series called right Famous. The show featured the stays of two sisters by the surname of Erin and Sara Foster who also happened to be the daughters the music producer David Foster. Viewers easily realized during the pilot illustration that the home looked vaguely familiar and also guess what — they to be right!