The standard white mansion presented in The new Prince that Bel-Air, where will Smith’s character lived v his affluent aunt and uncle, is arguably one of the many recognizable homes in pop culture. V its rounded balcony, lush topiaries, and Colonial-style windows, the residential or commercial property has always been an architecture masterpiece. It"s an legacy I"m certain we"ve every wished we might visit, and now smith is making that possible.

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The personal wing’s posh interiors, adorned through bold graffiti art and also family portraits, nod to the ‘90s sitcom. Just as Geoffrey did because that Will, guests will be offered Philly cheesesteaks —and all various other meals—on silver- platters. Guests will additionally be maybe to have actually a fashion present as they’re welcome come go v Smith"s wardrobe and also epic sneaker collection. Because that entertainment, there will be a turntable similar to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s. Guests can take a emboldened in the pool. No to mention, Smith’s bedroom has actually a basketball hoop and also as a authorize of respect for the new Prince, you"d much better shoot some hoops!



"I’m back. And also this time, I’m handing you the secrets so you’ll have actually my soup of the mansion every to yourself,” blacksmith writes in the home"s listing. He continues on to reveal that he won"t be existing during the stays, however, DJ Jazzy Jeff will essentially welcome guests. No to mention, a "socially distanced mansion concierge will greet you upon arrival and also give you the place of the land."

Ready to have actually your life flipped-turned upside down... Well, at the very least for a night? You have the right to view the listing here.

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