Here's where the cast of the new Prince the Bel-Air is now. Picture: Alamy
will Smith starred in The fresh Prince the Bel-Air indigenous 1990-96. Picture: Alamy

We all recognize Will blacksmith has end up being a vast Hollywood star due to the fact that landing his breakthrough TV function on the NBC sitcom.

His credits encompass Men in Black, The pursuit of Happiness, i Am Legend and the current live action remake of Aladdin.

Will has actually been happily married to actress, Jada Pinkett Smith, since 1997 and they share two children, Jaden and also Willow.

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Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks)

Alfonso Ribeiro played Carlton Banks. Picture: Alamy

Carlton has end up being an icon thanks come his dance to Tom Jones’ It’s no Unusual, yet actor Alfonso Ribeiro has gone on come star in plenty of TV shows because playing Will’s cousin.

He later hosted game shows Catch 21 and Spell-Mageddon, and also taking part in I'm a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here.

The star likewise took part in Dancing v the Stars and won season 19 v his partner Witney Carson, prior to being a guest referee on Strictly Come Dancing.

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Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks)

Karyn Parsons played Hilary Banks. Picture: Alamy

After leave the show, Karyn Parsons go on to bag duties in TV reflects such together Gulliver's Travels, Melrose Place and also The Job.

She hasn’t actually been on ours screens since 2002, however Karyn currently runs she own organization called Sweet Blackberry, i m sorry shares story of African-American accomplishment to kids through illustrative film.

The star has over 305k pendant on Instagram and recently common a throwback picture of her time on new Prince.

Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks)

Tatyana Ali played Ashley Banks. Picture: Alamy

Tatyana Ali first shot onto our displays as Will's youngest cousin that looks as much as him together a big brother.

She has continued acting since the '90s and also her credits incorporate The Young and the Restless, Love that Girl! and Second Generation Wayans.

As a effective musician, Tatyana likewise has more than 850k followers on Instagram and regularly shares videos of it s her singing.

Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey)

Joseph Marcell play Geoffrey. Picture: Alamy

The banks family's witty butler Geoffrey was played by English actor Joseph Marcell.

He went on to appear in films such together Much Ado around Nothing and That Samba Thing.

The actor had actually a function in the CBS series The Bold and the Beautiful and is also a longtime shak spa actor and board member of Shakespeare’s globe theatre in London.

James Avery (Philip Banks)

James Avery play Philip Banks. Picture: Alamy

The late James Avery starred together the patriarch the the financial institutions family and Will's lovable uncle.

After his function in the sitcom, Avery go on to appear in movies such as Dancing in September, Dr. Dolittle 2, Raise her Voice and Who's your Caddy?.

When it involves TV work, James additionally appeared in illustration of shows like That '70s Show, That's therefore Raven, mine Wife and also Kids, Grey's Anatomy and The Young and the Restless.

2014's Wish i Was right here was the last film James ever made prior to he passed far in December 2013 at the age of 68 because of complications of open heart surgery.

Janet hobtration (Aunt Vivian)

Janet hobtration played Aunt Vivian. Picture: Alamy

Janet hobtration was the an initial actress come play the function of Aunt Vivian from 1990 to 1993.

After leaving the present following season three, Janet go on to have actually roles in Gilmore Girls, The Bernie Mac Show, One Life come Live and The Job.

She now defines herself together an ‘activist and also artist’, who regularly speaks the end on society issues.

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Daphne Maxwell Reid (Aunt Vivian)

Daphne Maxwell Reid play Aunt Vivian. Picture: Alamy

Daphne Maxwell Reid changed Hubert native 1993-1996.

She has because had functions on Jacqueline and also Jilly, Eve and also Let’s remain Together.

Daphne has also guest starred top top Sister, sister and The Cosby Show and appeared in movies including Harriet and also Alley cats Strike.

Jeffrey Allen Townes (DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Jeffrey Allen Townes played DJ Jazzy Jeff. Picture: Alamy

Before starring on the new Prince, Jeffrey to be one fifty percent of the music duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The fresh Prince, together with his best friend will certainly Smith.

The pair actually won two Grammy awards for your hits ‘Parents just Don't Understand’ and ‘Summertime’.

Jeffrey has ongoing to job-related on his music and released several EPs end the years including LRG Life colours in 2012.

Nia long (Lisa Wilkes)

Nia long played Lisa Wilkes. Picture: Alamy

Nia lengthy played Will's girlfriend indigenous 1994-1995 and also continued her acting career after the show.

Film fans might recognise she from Friday and also Big Momma's House, if she has also had duties in House that Lies and The Cleveland Show.

She has also starred in NCIS: Los Angeles. Third Watch and Empire.

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Ross Bagley (Nicky Banks)

Ross Bagley play Nicky Banks. Picture: Alamy/Getty pictures

Ross Bagley was just six years old once he starred as the youngest banks sibling.

Bagley go on to appear in films such together Independence Day and Dead Ringer and likewise had guest functions on Providence and also Judging Amy.

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The star graduated from California State college at Northridge with a degree in cinema and also television arts, prior to landing an internship at will certainly Smith’s manufacturing company.