Uncle Phil, Aunt Viv, Carlton and also the remainder of the financial institutions family will all be part of the new reboot of "The new Prince that Bel-Air."

Peacock has actually unveiled the cast that will certainly follow Jabari banks as he i do not care the prince that a town dubbed Bel-Air.

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NBC"s streaming network mutual the nine collection regulars that will join financial institutions in "Bel-Air," a reboot the the standard "90s fight "The new Prince the Bel-Air" in which financial institutions plays the personality made famed by will certainly Smith, who is an executive producer that the brand-new show.

Peacock has actually released the actors of "Bel-Air," the upcoming reboot the the '90s standard "The fresh Prince the Bel-Air." Peacock

Smith, 52, provided the Philadelphia indigenous the surprised of his life last month as soon as he educated him top top a video clip call that banks had landed the starring role of will certainly that was very first played by Smith, another homegrown Philadelphia star.

On Tuesday, Peacock announced the rest of the regular cast playing the duties made renowned from the original sitcom. The roles of Vivian and also Phillip Banks, that were Smith"s aunt and uncle in the original, will be play by Cassandra Freeman and also Adrian Holmes.

Olly Sholotan will play Carlton Banks, the function (and dance) make iconic through Alfonso Ribeiro in the original. Chocolate Jones and also Akira Akbar will play Carlton"s sisters, boy name Banks and Ashley Banks, respectively.


Jimmy Akingbola will step right into the shoes of the household butler, Geoffrey, when "Snowfall"s" Jordan L. Jones will play Jazz, the function originally play by Smith"s former rap sidekick, DJ Jazzy Jeff. Simone happiness Jones will play Lisa, Will"s love interest.

T.J. Brady and also Rasheed Newson are the co-showrunners and executive producers, Morgan Cooper is the director, co-writer and also an executive producer, and Smith is likewise an executive, management producer.

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The rebooted display will it is in one hour rather of a fifty percent hour favor the original and also will be an ext of a drama 보다 a comedy. "Bel-Air" additionally focuses much more on Will"s trip from the streets of Philadelphia to life with relatives in the opulence of Bel-Air 보다 the original.

The brand-new show has already been picked up for two seasons, i m sorry Smith mutual last year. It"s among several reboots native Peacock, i beg your pardon is also reconsidering "Battlestar Galactica" and also "Queer as Folk," while already having released a rebooted "Saved by the Bell" and also "Punky Brewster."



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