More and an ext information is coming out around The new Prince that Bel-Air. For a brand-new reunion distinct on HBO Max, the cast looked ago on the fight 90s series and opened up up around some of their experiences ~ above the show. This included an illustration featuring now-President Donald Trump and also the revelation the he was snubbed through a actors member ~ above the series.

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Joseph Marcell as Geoffrey, James Avery as Philip Banks, Daphne Reid together Vivian Banks, Karyn Parsons as Hilary Banks, will Smith together William ‘Will’ Smith, Ross Bagley together Nicky Banks, Tatyana Ali as Ashley Banks, Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton banks | Gary Null/NBCU picture Bank

Here’s a rundown of ‘The fresh Prince the Bel-Air’ illustration featuring president Donald Trump

The episode dates back to 1994, when the display was in its 4th season. Called “For revenue by Owner,” the plot is anchored ~ above a mysterious bidder and the financially rewarding offer he renders for the banks family home.

That human turns out to it is in Trump, who reflects up in ~ the end of the episode together with his then-wife Marla Maples in ready to finalize the deal. Yet the sale never materializes, together Trump’s actual estate certified dealer learns the residence isn’t the childhood home Trump had been browsing for.

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One co-star snubbed president Donald trumped on the set of the show

If you notification from the clip above, trumped shook hands through everyone in ~ the door except for Daphne Maxwell Reid, that played Aunt Viv. That’s because she reportedly wasn’t fond the the actual estate mogul in real life and, therefore, didn’t treatment to do acquaintance.

Reid make this revelation in a November figure on the You could Know Her From podcast. The topic came up roughly the 38:00 note when organize Anne Rodeman noted: “He that shall no be named had actually a guest spot on season 4. He and Marla to be going to buy the financial institutions house. And also upon re-watching this episode, i noticed that Phil shook his hand yet Viv did not deserve to you please explain that choice?”

Reid replied: “I didn’t choose him. I had actually news from brand-new York. I knew who he was.”

“It to be so wonderful. Ns was like, ‘Is she walk to?’ Oh, she’s not going to . And when the leaves, you’re choose ready to absent his a**. It to be so good,” Rodeman continued, to which Reid said: “Yeah! and it was so true.”

Karyn Parsons as Hilary Banks, James Avery as Philip Banks, Daphne Reid together Vivian Banks, Joseph Marcell together Geoffrey, Tatyana Ali together Ashley Banks, will Smith together William ‘Will’ Smith, and Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton banks | kris Haston/NBCU picture Bank

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Past reports say that President Donald trump card annoyed various other staffers on the show, too

Reid isn’t the just one that didn’t care for the now-commander-in-chief. As it transforms out, according to display Rant, crew members additionally previously asserted that Trump was a “huge diva backstage.

One human being recalled trumped allegedly getting annoyed end something during filming and throwing his manuscript on the floor.

“It to be such a yes, really rude thing, the way he walk it. So terrible. Therefore disrespectful… He simply wasn’t pleasant,” claimed an cotton staffer.

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Producer Gary H. Miller additionally said trump complained about his lines, top him come say, “With all due respect, i would never ever think of offering you any advice about real estate due to the fact that I nothing know around real estate. However I do recognize comedy – and also trust me, you’ll obtain a laugh.”

As of writing, it doesn’t appear that trump has ever addressed the comments around his cameo top top the show.