We all understand what makes a good sports TV display – or movie for that issue – is the dramatic speeches the coach provides with secs left in the game. These small pep talks rather literally rotate the game around and also somehow aid the team win.

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These moments space so powerful that that feels together if those native resonate v viewers just as much as they execute with the players. Once we view that ball go with the basket with a resounding swoosh, or that football land ever before so perfectly into the hand of the receiver, we can feel their excitement and also thrill. It’s virtually as if us were at the game, or also on the team ourselves.

There is one present that does the best. And also I think we deserve to all agree on this one.

If the phrase, “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,” doesn’t ring a bell, then ns don’t think that girlfriend have ever watched a sports movie or TV show.

“It’s just football.” #FNL pic.twitter.com/HKZZWO9jb9

— Friday Night lamp (
FNL_DailyQuotes) September 14, 2018

On Friday Night Lights, one of the many iconic mirrors on television, dramatic pep speak from our favorite Coach Taylor was its bread and butter. Somehow, throughout its five seasons, the writers regulated to always do that right. 

However, the pep talks were just one of the facets of exactly how Friday Night Lights do an affect on the viewers and also made us remember the show for its heartwarming, devastating, and even mundane moments.

While few of your opinions may differ, as an avid Friday Night Lights viewer, here are few of the finest quotes native the show – and also a description of exactly how they make it among the many beloved sports reflects of every time.

Best Friday Night Lights Quotes

1. “Clear eyes, complete hearts can not lose.” – literally everyone, ever

This very first one walk unsaid, together it is usually the trademark quote because that this show.

2. “Texas forever” – Tim Riggins 

This 2nd one really doesn’t have any specific meaning, as well as Tim gift a diehard Texan, however it constantly gave me butterflies as soon as he claimed it. 

3. “Well, she gonna victory or you’re gonna lose. One of two people way, the sun’s tho gonna come up morning morning.” – Tami Taylor 

This third one, while about losing a football game, is actually really important because it uses to so numerous other things besides football. Us all have, and also will at some allude again, knowledgeable failure. And also it sure have the right to be simple to see that failure as the end all be all. However, together Tami said perfectly, there’s constantly tomorrow, and also the next day, and also the next. Us can’t dwell top top the past forever. 

4. “You hear to civilization that love you and also you listen to civilization that friend trust. Most of all, you listen to yourself.” – Eric Taylor 

Coach Taylor always did have actually a means with words. Here, he especially encapsulates the the most crucial thing to do when handling hardship is come not just count top top those you love and also trust but also to counting on you yourself to gain through it. 

5. “There’s no weakness in forgiveness.” – Tami Taylor 

It’s so merely put, however so powerful. Periodically forgiving is the hardest point to do, yet what us all need to remember is the it is likewise the strongest point to do. 

6. “Every guy at some allude in his life is gonna lose a battle. He is gonna fight and also he’s gonna lose. Yet what makes him a man, is the in the middle of that battle he go not shed himself.” – Eric Taylor 

This last one is one more Coach Taylor quote, however that is unsurprising together this male probably has the most hard-hitting price quotes out of anyone in the show.

I think this quote encapsulates the show and also its characters as a whole. We view each personality go v their own an individual battles. They victory some, they shed some. However at the finish of the day, they are all triumphant in some means or another.

As Coach Taylor said, castle never shed themselves.

More Than just Football

Clear Eyes, complete Hearts, Can't Lose.All 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights go back to Netflix (in The US) on respectable 1 pic.twitter.com/DwvzXFmlDC

— Netflix (

Despite the show basically gift entirely about football, that still controlled to cover plenty of different elements of life in a an extremely peculiar way. It encountered marital issues, sex-related assault, relationship struggles, faith, psychological illness, socioeconomic disparities, and many much more hard-hitting cases far previous the kingdom of football.

We learned about each character and how castle were every drastically various from one another. We watched lock grow and also develop as people throughout the five seasons. And while they all had actually their separate stays with separate issues, football to be what constantly brought lock together. 

The method the display was filmed added to that is peculiarity and also its capability to invite the viewers right into the characters’ experiences. The camerawork to be oftentimes shaky, virtually mimicking the of a fact TV show. If some may see this together unconventional or unappealing, that made me feel as if ns was physical there through the personalities in the show.

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