Friday the 13th is one of the many iconic and also recognizable fear franchises of all time. We were first introduced to Friday the 13th and also it’s villain Jason Voorhees in 1980 and since then it has actually grown to 12 movies, including a crossover occasion with A Nightmare ~ above Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger. Through all of the installments, no matter exactly how questionable few of them have been, fans have remained faithful to the hockey masking slasher.

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If friend have ever before wondered what Jason looks choose without his mask, you space not alone. Although many of the movies function some kind of a step that requires him gift briefly unmasked, what you see underneath counts on which installment you space watching. The ‘real’ confront of Jason Voorhees was never continual as plenty of different special impacts make-up artists were offered throughout the franchise and also for every one a new version that Jason’s confront was born.

Albeit confusing, this is absolutely one way to keep people interested in what the killer looks favor underneath his signature mask.

So, below I’m going come run through each incarnation the Jason’s face, unmasked.

Friday the 13th (1980)


This to be the movie that began it all. It was at the end of Friday the 13th the Jason jumped out of the water behind the unsuspecting Alice and he pulled she down. The course, it is unclear regarding whether this scene was a dream or even if it is Jason was a zombie at this point, and also fans tho disagree about it also now.


Either way, it still has actually a ar on this list. The guy that created this very first face was special effects artist Tom Savini and Ari Lehman to be the actor behind it.

Friday the 13th part 2 (1981) 


The very first sequel mirrors a truly contrasting version of Jason native the glimpse we get in the very first movie. This time he is portrayed as disabled hillbilly, scared and setting traps for his food (teenagers) and also we view him v a complete head that hair and beard. The look absolutely matches the persona that this movie gave the character. The scene in i beg your pardon we watch Jasons bare challenge has been questioned by fans as to whether that is likewise a dream or something else, much like the scene in the first movie. Warrington Gillette play Jason in component 2 with the aid of special effects make-up from Carl Fullerton.

Friday the 13th part III (1982) 


Part III observed the return of hillbilly Jason, however different. Proceeding his murders, this is the movie in which we likewise learn through a flashback the the killer is a rapist, or in ~ the really least test it. This look at is certainly the many plain incarnation the the character, that was played by Richard Brooker. Although there isn’t lot to say about Jason Voorhees unmasked in this installment, it is precious noting the this movie observed the debut the the, now infamous, hockey mask.

Friday the 13th: The final Chapter (1984)


Ted White played this version of Jason in, what turned the end to be, no at every the last chapter. Tom Savini is the acquainted name behind the unique effects prosthetics, though he lugged a completely unfamiliar look come the character. This version is definitely worlds far from the young version he created for the initial movie. This, for me, was the turning point and origin the Jason’s crazier and much more extreme faces.

Friday the 13th: A brand-new Beginning (1985)


So, the unmasking in this movie doesn’t expose a new face for Jason, that reveals that the male behind the mask wasn’t actually Jason to start with. We uncover out that Roy, play by Dick Wieand, was the killer in the 5th installment the the franchise. This might probably have been left turn off of the list offered that that doesn’t have anything to perform with what Jason looks prefer without his mask, yet for the services of continuity and because there to be an unmasking, I’m keeping it in.

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th component VI (1986)


This movie doesn’t incorporate an unmasking the is common to the franchise, together we are shown Jason’s corpse at the beginning. The decaying human body of the killer is essentially just a skeleton covered in worms and also other gross stuff. The course, that doesn’t continue to be that way. A bolt of lightening recovery the killer so he have the right to do what he does best. This version was portrayed by C.J Graham.

Friday the 13th part VII: The brand-new Blood (1988)


This was arguably the most reliable reveal that Jason’s face, combine with among the finest versions the it. The woman lead provides her mind powers to tighten his mask come the suggest where the splits in half. This to be the death of the original mask, but underneath that revealed a brilliant variation of the killer, worthy of the dramatic reveal. This look consists of a hatchet and machete wound indigenous previous instalments, and also aptly represents the change in persona because that Jason, breaking away from ahead personalities.

Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason take away Manhattan (1989)


Kane Hodder’s Jason Voorhees is indeed the most hilarious version. Jason’s mask is removed as result of a confront full of toxicity waste, which reveals a melty, blue, mess underneath. Although I understand the thought procedure behind it, ns think it can have been done better. It definitely couldn’t have been done any kind of worse.

Jason Goes come Hell: The final Friday (1993)


Jason Goes come Hell doesn’t involve any sort of expose at all, yet we do learn that the killer is in reality a superordinary entity called a ‘hellbaby.’ Kane Hodder returned to the role.

Jason X (2001)

In Kane Hodder’s last portrayal the the character, we see his confront at the start of the movie together he appears more like a gooey variation of his former, hillbilly self. That course, this doesn’t last long. After being restored he gets transformed right into a robot version of himself, Über-Jason. What else would you intend from a Jason that has been awakened on a 25th century spaceship?

Freddy vs. Jason (2003)


In this epos crossover movie we see 2 versions that Jason. A young Jason that was played by Spencer Stump and also an enlarge Jason play by Ken Kirzinger. Return we obtain a clear look in ~ the challenge of young Jason in his person form, all we get in the method of the enlarge Jason is really brief shot wherein the mask is lifted halfway up his confront to reveal only his mouth.

Friday the 13th (2009)


This movie additionally shows us a young Jason Voorhees before showing united state the challenge of Derek Mears’ Jason. This look at takes us back to before every one of the stunner robot and zombie faces. This incarnation share a solid resemblance to that of component 2 and component III, once he was still a frightened hillbilly. After every one of the extreme, undead versions of Jason’s face this seems a tiny bit mediocre and a step backward.

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So, over there you have every one of the versions of Jason Voorhees’ bare challenge to date.