Jason Voorhees' Face: What's Behind The Friday The 13th Mask get ready to go back to Camp crystal Lake, because priziv.org is acquisition a closer look at the changing faces behind Jason"s mask.

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Jason Mask header
The cardinal rule of every monster movie is the the monster can"t look at lame. That"s why friend hardly view the shark in Jaws, why Alien"s Xenomorph sticks to the shadows and also and why you hardly ever see Jason Voorhees there is no his hockey mask in the Friday The 13th franchise.

Typically, anytime Jason unmasks there is a discretionary shot blocking his true visage to make what girlfriend imagine under Jason"s mask is substantially scarier than reality. If the vague, emotionless canvas the Jason Voorhees" hockey mask provides more abject terror than whatever monster mask to be being worn underneath. However, the Friday The 13th franchise has given us a reasonable idea the what Jason has actually looked like underneath his hockey mask. Now, priziv.org is acquisition a look ago at his progressively less person appearance over the years.

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Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th (1980)
Jason (who was originally called Josh) appears throughout flashbacks and a dream sequence, wherein he"s depicted as a bald kid with facial deformities. However, it"s worth noting that we never ever really get a close look at him in the original movie.

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FRIDAY THE 13th: part II

Jason Voorhees native Friday The 13th: component 2
for his villainous debut, Jason offers a sack v a feet in it together a mask. Under the sack-mask, Jason rocks a full head the Hagrid-esque hair and a bushy beard the covers lot of his face. His over every appearance look at equally motivated by The Hills have actually Eyes and Deliverance.

FRIDAY THE 13th component III: 3D

Jason Unmasked Friday the 13th part III
After his sack-mask drew comparisons to The Elephant Man, Jason acquired a amendment Red wing hockey mask because that 1982"s Friday The 13th component III: 3D.

Jason"s new mask reflected the emotionless force of nature the is Jason Voorhees. After ruthlessly pursuing every kinds of victims, Jason loses his mask, i m sorry reveals his a lopsided cranium and also a grin full of nubby teeth. Unable to do is the force of nature; Jason is an ext of a monster than a person by this point, and also he"s simply delighted to spread out carnage.

FRIDAY THE 13TH component IV: THE last CHAPTER

Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th: part IV
during the last fight, Jason"s mask is knocked off, which revealing an upgraded visage reasonably similar come his previous incarnation. This time around, more emphasis is put on Jason"s currently protruding right eye. Unfortunately, Jason"s confront still has actually a sort of rubbery, inauthentic feel to it.

FRIDAY THE 13TH component V: A new BEGINNING

However, the faux Jason is in reality Roy, the EMT who mind to be shattered upon seeing his son"s corpse and also constructs a hyper-realistic monster mask come replicate Jason"s head. ~ killing an additional Jason, an insane Tommy puts on the mask, apparently moving the franchise in a bold new direction.


before Jason gets an additional mask, Tommy lights Jason ~ above fire, providing us a long look in ~ Jason"s undead, maggot-filled face. Honestly, Jason looks prefer a melted Skeletor spray-painted black. Fortunately, this visage permits Jason"s hockey mask to have two black pieces of fabric covering the eye-holes.


throughout the final battle with the knock-off Carrie, Jason"s mask splits, revealing a rotten confront filled v disjointed, jagged teeth. There"s additionally scars from all of the false deaths Jason has collected over the franchise: there"s an exposed component of his skull through an north eye socket the refelcts the machete gash that Jason had earned in Part II, a lacking ear and an array of exposed molars from when he take it a propeller come the challenge in Jason Lives and a jaundiced eye to contrast his rotten flesh.

FRIDAY THE 13TH component VIII: JASON bring away MANHATTAN

In times Square, Jason mirrors his confront to a gang, in an efficient gag the scares them away. Through now, Jason"s visage is a grey mess, melted by toxic sewer chemicals, sporting a viscous left eye and square this that makes it seem as if Jason has a Jack-O-Lantern face.


Jason"s mask doesn"t come off, due to the fact that it has actually been permanently external inspection to his flesh. Jason"s bulbous head has grown around the straps the his mask, do his totality head look choose a monster mask. At one point, Jason"s organize is decapitated, leading to a demon tadpole-thing come climb the end of his body in find of another host. Given the context, this is seemingly Jason"s true form.

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since Jason X creates that Jason has actually a heal factor, his challenge is much more humanoid, featuring a nose and also curly tufts the blonde hair, but lacking lips and also with one eyelid end his protruding best eye.


Anyway, Jason"s challenge is only visible because that a split 2nd when the not-yet-murdered teenagers attempt to offer Jason mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while he drowns in ~ a dream. Jason now has actually a tuft that hair and blackened flesh, representing the dust and/or hellfire that had been engulfing him because 1993.

FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)

during a rapid glimpse v shadows, we watch a hint the Jason"s face: The meat is raw and also red, v a maw the gnawed teeth and a milky, droopy eye, topped off with wild locks the blonde hair.

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No matter how scary that looks underneath the mask, Jason"s face will constantly be, in plenty of ways, the above hockey mask that he"s worn because that decades.