New Orleans-area fried chicken restaurants and pros from approximately the region and the country gather in brand-new Orleans for the yearly National Fried Chicken Festival.

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The national Fried Chicken Festival has been canceled, the latest event scrubbed native the once-bustling loss calendar in brand-new Orleans together the delta variant is driving record numbers of brand-new infections in Louisiana.

The annual food festival was reserved for Oct. 23 and also 24 through a brand-new location along the new Orleans lakefront, just over the levee indigenous the university of brand-new Orleans" Lakefront Arena. The brand-new home was component of an effort to give the renowned event more space and bring it come a different component of the city, far from the element tourism areas downtown.


Dwayne Dopsie and also the Zydeco Hellraisers perform during the nationwide Fried Chicken Festival in brand-new Orleans Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019.


The cancellation will certainly be a punch to the countless different sellers signed approximately take part. When the national Fried Chicken Festival is funded by chicken giant Raising Cane"s, its focus is on smaller restaurants, food trucks, caterers and also other pros with a passion for fried chicken. The event has become a showcase for different styles about the typical theme that fried chicken.

“This decision was particularly difficult, as the independently owned restaurants that get involved in ours festival have had an extraordinarily an overwhelming year," stated festival founder Cleveland Spears III. "We continue to be committed to finding other methods to assistance those restaurants end the coming weeks and months."

The national Fried Chicken Festival is traditionally held in the fall. The 2020 execution of the festival was additionally called off due to the fact that of the pandemic.


Since girlfriend can’t walk to festivals this fall, the Krewe the Red bean is bringing the festivals come you — and also supporting neighborhood musicians together well.

Another brand-new Orleans food festival, Beignet Fest, canceled that 2021 plans this week, calling off the event that was scheduled for Sept. 25 in City Park.

Two lot larger occasions for the 2021 loss calendar, the New orleans Jazz & heritage Festival and also French quarter Festival, each rescheduled from their customary feather dates, were also canceled last week.

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