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KFC is marketing bags the fried chicken skin.

Yes, chicken skin. Because that those who want the skin however don’t want to have to address the chicken meat.

Various international locations have actually started selling the unexplained item, Fox News reports.

The restaurant chain announced the addition to the menu on your Indonesian Twitter page.

BARU! KFC Chicken Skin sudah tersedia untuk kamu nikmati di beberapa gerai! Kerenyahan kulit ayam KFC kamu pasti udah tau dong kayak gimana? Yuk, beli sekarang!

Hanya tersedia di:– KFC Salemba – KFC Cideng – KFC Kemang – KFC Kalimalang – KFC Kelapa Gading #kfcchickenskin

— KFC Jagonya Ayam! (
KFCINDONESIA) might 11, 2019

A translate into of the article says the fried chicken skin would certainly be sold at 6 KFC locations in Indonesia: Salemba, Cideng, Kemang, Kalimalang and Kelapa Gading.

Food blogs also report the KFCs in Thailand have actually started marketing fried chicken skin.

According come The Sun, those who had actually the possibility to try it said it was “salty,” “crisp and also crunchy” and “different” indigenous what you’d expect.

For now, client in the United states will still have to gain fried chicken skin attached to chicken meat. That is uncertain if it will certainly be included to KFC menus worldwide.

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