No matter where friend are, upper and lower reversal on Garth Brooks and “Friends in short Places” and it’s a party. Sing, laugh, drink beer. It every works.

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Now, desire to hear (and see) among the most-fun performances the Brooks’ standard song?

Try December 2014. In Nashville. At a Justin Timberlake concert. Pan at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena to be there to watch a pop concert native Timberlake. He’s the Tennessee native, the former boy band heartthrob who developed into an remarkable solo entertainer. Inspect out his Super bowl performance in 2018.

Fans at the concert had actually no idea Brooks and also his wife, Trisha Yearwood, also were over there to see Timberlake.

So Timberlake walk against type and beginning the opened strains of “Friends in low Places.” pan loved it. They started singing along as Timberlake strummed his guitar.

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Then 2 minutes into the song, Timberlake stops the music. Moments later, a male dressed in a black color cap, yellow plaid shirt and also baggy blue jeans comes the end from behind the band. Look at like any man there v his wife or his boys.

But it’s Garth Brooks! Cue the screams from the crowd. Yes, Brooks is over there to sing. V a humongous smile, Brooks holds increase the microphone and also encourages everyone to song along. Castle did.

Brooks and also Timberlake kidded each other around singing the 3rd verse of the song. Climate Brooks screams “we gotta display the young guy how we perform it.”

The 50-something-singer still has actually it time 10.

Brooks bellowed the words. Timberlake joined him. The Timberlake tape danced. For this reason did the dancers. Brooks pulled out his cell phone and also shot self as he hugged Timberlake. Brooks also took self while he to be singing. Remember, he to be there to attend a concert, not provide one. Everyone requirements to commemorate a funny time, also a superstar.

Brooks permit Timberlake take the final couple of words. And also Timberlake to reduce his voice really, really low to finish it off.

The raucous power lasted for an ext than 10 minutes. Timberlake, together a joke, fell confront down ~ above the stage and stayed there for a while. That exhausting to be the good.

Garth Brooks got The Timberlake Invite In St. Louis

So here’s just how Brooks happened to be in ~ the concert.

It was simple. Timberlake invite him. It seems Timberlake grew up love Brooks. He attended one of Brooks’ concerts in St. Luigi the year before. Timberlake even garnered backstage passes.

In one interview with XM radio, Brooks stated that throughout his St. Luigi concert, who told him Timberlake remained in the crowd.

Brooks said: “Hahaha! Yeah, right!’ and (his friend) goes, ‘No, dude. He’s here.’ My very first question was, ‘Why?’ therefore I concerned find out, he thrived up on our stuff. He’s ideal over phase right, and this kid’s to sing every word, and I’m like, ‘Holy cow!’”

After the show, Timberlake expanded the invitation to pertained to Nashville. Brooks said his mam told the the couple would it is in there.

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The video clip of Brooks and Timberlake has more than 15 million views and also counting.

Do you yourself a favor. Click on the link. That a party. can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: Justin Timberlake and Garth Brooks – friend In Low places – Nashville, December 19, 2014 (