A pair of fully eagles called Jackie and Shadow, seen below in a quiet from the friends of big Bear sink nest cam on Dec. 6, 2021, are as soon as again working on a colony above big Bear Lake. The U.S. Forest company has close up door the area roughly the swarm to defend the birds. (Screenshot courtesy of friends of large Bear Valley)

Following a recent rise in activity at a outright eagle colony site top top the northwest next of huge Bear Lake, the U.S. Forest organization announced the yearly closure the the area to safeguard the raptors made well known by a live video feed.

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A camera run by friend of huge Bear sink has captured the couple, called Jackie and also Shadow, rearranging rod intermittently because that a few months.

A pair of outright eagles called Jackie and also Shadow, one of whom is seen right here bringing in a rod on Dec. 5, 2021, are when again functioning on a swarm above large Bear Lake. The photo is a still from the friend of big Bear valley live nest camera. (Screenshot courtesy of girlfriend of large Bear Valley)

According to a Dec. 1 Facebook write-up by the group, activity escalated.

First there to be rainbow trout for lunch, then “later in the afternoon, we had a little bit of a surprised … castle both flew in, arrived at the old snag tree behind the nest and also had a moment … yes, lock mated ~ above camera.”

Two days later federal public representative announced the Fawnskin-area closures of the Grout only Picnic Area, Grays height Trail, and huge Bear Yellow post Site No. 1.

FAWNSKIN, CA—The annual bald eagle nesting and habitat closure is currently in result on the northwest end of huge Bear Lake. Aid us safeguard the eagles (and hopefully any kind of offspring in the close to future!) by continuing to be out that the area.

Check the end the closure map: https://t.co/bAcyCrfXrP pic.twitter.com/xQ6bb7VuuG

— mountain Bernardino National forest (
SanBernardinoNF) December 3, 2021

“The closure helps safeguard the nesting site and also maintain herbal bald eagle behavior,” follow to a Forest business news release. “The varieties is perceptible to human interference and also may give up nesting activities, including eggs and also offspring, if emotion threatened.”

Other bald eagles additionally use the area because that roosting and foraging, follow to the release.

An eagle nest cam was an initial installed in the area in 2015 to record home life of a various pair, Ricky and also Lucy. Jackie and also a various partner efficiently raised a chick in the swarm in 2018, and also in 2019 she and also Shadow raised one more chick.

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Since climate the pair has had actually a cable of negative luck, through eggs the did not hatch, and a chick that was not able to break out of that is shell.

The raptors have been popular. Viewers have actually checked in native as much away as the unified Kingdom and Australia, and also a 2021 post garnered 74,000 likes.

Despite your troubles, Shadow carried in the fist rod of this season top top Oct. 15. Because then the pair made consistent visits, climate disappeared and came back.

In so late September the girlfriend of huge Bear Valley installed a brand-new nest camera in a slightly various position, and moved the old one aside from that away for a new wide-angle shot of the nest and surrounding area.

Eagle egg laying-season in this area begins in January.

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The team is raising money come pay because that the camera gear, maintain and more with 2022 Jackie and Shadow calendars which are easily accessible at friendsofbigbearvalley.org.