The True Story Behind Robin Williams’ friends Cameo Robin Williams was among the biggest guest stars on Friends. Here"s how he and Billy crystal randomly ended up law a cameo because that the sitcom.

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lover actor and comedian Robin Williams appeared as a guest star in an illustration of Friends in 1997. Williams played a character called Tomas in the Friends season 3 episode, "The One v The ultimate Fighting Champion", and considering how large of an gibbs Williams currently was in ~ the time, starring in the comedy collection was a large deal.

At the start of the episode, Monica was about to tell she friends a story at central Perk but was interrupted by Tomas and his girlfriend Tim, a character played by Billy Crystal. The guys asked the team to do room top top the sofa in which castle obliged. They climate eavesdropped as Tomas broke into tears claiming the his wife was sleeping with one more man. Tomas thought the other male was her gynecologist but it turned out that Tim was the "other man". Joey tried come interrupt the conversation yet was rudely said by Tim to mind his very own business. Tomas finished his friendship v Tim prior to he stormed out of the coffee shop with an awkward Tim complying with behind. After castle left, Monica completely forgot the story she was initially planning come tell.

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Guest appearances by big names like Williams and Crystal weren"t rare for Friends throughout its te on air. It was usual for famous actors to make guest spots. Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, and Christina Applegate were simply a handful of figures who had actually memorable functions on the sitcom. The cameo by Williams was short considering that ended before the opening credits rolled, yet it affiliated had an exciting backstory. It turned out that Williams and also Crystal were at the right location at the right time - top top a nearby set - because their cameos weren"t also planned.

if the Friends season 3 illustration was being shot, Williams and also Crystal occurred to be functioning at a neighboring set. The comedic duo wandered top top the Friends set and also the authors asked lock if they"d be up because that a rapid cameo. Lock agreed therefore the pair were thrown right into the opening scene top top the spot. It"s very rare to acquire a function and shoot the scene within the very same day however Williams and Crystal had actually no qualms around the request. Lock ad-libbed their entire scene, inventing the story about Tomas and also his wife. The improv must have actually rubbed off on the cast because Matt LeBlanc even ad-libbed his discontinuity of the men"s private conversation and Courtney Cox personally included the line about forgetting her initial story.

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The cameo through Williams and also Crystal may have been one accident yet it do for an excellent TV. It additionally coincidentally gave the gibbs an extra amount of publicity in ~ the ideal time. A work after the Friends illustration aired through their cameos, the pair"s movie, Father"s Day, fight theaters. The cameo indigenous Williams has end up being even much more special adhering to the actor"s tragic fatality in 2014.