While distinct holiday episodes room a sitcom institution, just a handful of shows can lay insurance claim to particular celebrations. With its more than 2 dozen “Treehouse that Horror” anthologies, The Simpsons is the undisputed champion the Halloween episodes (with Roseanne close behind), and Bob’s Burgers has a nice repertoire of Valentine’s work installments.

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But as far as Thanksgiving episodes go, Friends has the most and the best. Probably they’re the only display to try it since no other display wants to earn itself an adverse comparison come the central Perk 6 — ~ all, virtually every solitary one that the ripe Thanksgiving episodes created over the show’s ten-season run, 1994–2004 (what’s your problem, 1995?!), is fantastic Thanksgiving episode.

This week, you’re going to need something come watch with your family members on Thanksgiving the isn’t football, a parade, or a dog show, so right here are the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends, ranked indigenous least-best to most-best.

9. “The One with Rachel’s other Sister” (Season 9, 2002)


any kind of show is going to run out of heavy steam and/or ideas by its 9th season. By 2002, Friends had explored most every feasible Thanksgiving angle, other than for the one that specifies so plenty of real-life Thanksgivings: familial fighting. In this, the second-to-last time Friends would celebrate November’s most gluttonous holiday, Rachel’s obnoxious sister Amy (Christina Applegate) invites herself to Thanksgiving, and the conversation turns to who would gain custody of infant Emma if Rachel and also Ross died. Of course, they’ve currently picked the many logical and also obvious godparents: Chandler and also Monica. Despite being just a recurring character and also a damaging person, Amy no happy with that decision, but then Chandler also gets mad due to the fact that he learns that if Monica passed away after Ross and Rachel, then Jack and also Judy Geller gain Emma rather of him alone. That … a lot. Ns mean, go anybody really desire to check out the Friends friends fight and also contemplate death?

8. “The One v the late Thanksgiving” (Season 10, 2003)


After that morbid misstep in season nine, Friends writers turn it around a tiny for what castle knew would certainly be their last Thanksgiving episode, and, sadly, the last Thanksgiving every the friend would invest together. The lays the groundwork because that the splintering the the group into various directions and locations by collection end. That renders it just as depressing together “The One through Rachel’s various other Sister,” yet it tho ranks higher because of some real laughs and also a major, touching plot development. See, Monica and also Chandler don’t also want to hold Thanksgiving in your apartment, the main set of the show, however Phoebe convinces them the they have to. Thanksgiving-food-hating Chandler (he’s resented the holiday because childhood, when he learned the his parents’ divorce on the day) makes a large breakthrough by prepare cranberry sauce. B-plots indicate Rachel and Phoebe beginning Emma in a baby beauty pageant and also Ross and also Joey hitting a hockey game … which makes them all late for dinner, which consequently makes Monica and also Chandler angry sufficient to lock everybody the end of the apartment (although Joey it s okay his head grounding in the door, since he’s Joey). That course, nobody of that matters as soon as Chandler and Monica obtain word — on Thanksgiving — that they’ve been selected to it is in adoptive parents.

7. “The One where Chandler Doesn’t like Dogs” (Season 7, 2000)


stop be ethical — Chandler isn’t all the likable. Not just does he do his displeasure through Thanksgiving so well-known that the sours the holiday for other people, but, as this episode notifies us, the erstwhile miss Chanandler Bong hates dogs. That’s unforgivable. Still, this episode feels prefer a genuine Thanksgiving in that there’s simply so much amusing, low-stakes ingredient going on through so countless different people. Phoebe’s sneaking a dog roughly (and Chandler bristles), smarty-pants Ross won’t enable himself to have a bowl of Thanksgiving food until he can name every 50 states from memory, and also Rachel has actually some connection drama through dopey Tag.

6. “The One with the Football” (Season 3, 1996)


many of this Thanksgiving installments of Friends are what TV civilization call “bottle episodes” — every little thing takes location in a short period of time, and also in one location, like, say, a large apartment through a winter on the peephole. In simply its 2nd Thanksgiving episode, Friends takes the action outside because that a adjust (always a tricky possibility for a three-camera, live-in-front-of-a-studio-audience sitcom) so the the friends can do what so many families and friend teams do in reality: beat a video game of tags football. (Although, to be clear, the a weird, fake-looking video game of tag football because it needs to be presented on a small sitcom stage.) The illustration wins points (that’s a football term) for solidifying one of Friends’ best running bits: Monica’s intensely competitive nature. It’s therefore hilariously toxicity that this right here football video game marks the very first Thanksgiving pigskin she and Ross have actually played because she broke Ross’s nose in a family football game long earlier (the sixth annual “Geller Cup”).

5. “The One wherein Underdog gets Away” (Season 1, 1994)


ns can’t prove it, but I’m going to walk ahead and say that v this Thanksgiving episode of a present called Friends, both the concept and term “Friends-Giving” were all at once invented and popularized. Each year, there are so plenty of articles around how an increasingly big percentage of the populace opts come skip heading home and instead get along with their circle of friends because that the classic Thanksgiving feast. In this, the first Friends Thanksgiving, Monica and also Ross are forced to memory the holiday on their own in the city because their parents went away on a trip. It’s also the episode wherein actor Joey finds out that he is the face of VD, as he shows up on posters almost everywhere the city bearing his image and the caption “What Mario isn’t informing you.” It it s okay even much more zany: Ultimately, the Underdog balloon escapes the Thanksgiving work Parade, and when the Friends go up ~ above the roof to watch, lock lock themselves out of the apartment and the dinner gets ruined. So, lock eat cheese sandwiches courtesy of Chandler. And really, isn’t this what Thanksgiving is all about?

4. “The One through the Rumor” (Season 8, 2001)

through recent social strides, this episode deserve to come off together problematic in much of that humor. Yet there’s additionally a lot of fun ingredient “The One v the Rumor,” which, when it aired in 2001, was a significant TV event and a triumph of stunt casting. Monica invites come dinner an old friend from high school, Will, who was an also bigger dork 보다 Ross earlier in the day. Well, guess what: because graduation, he gained hot. Like, super hot — so attractive the he’s portrayed by Brad Pitt, that at the time was married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Will certainly reveals that, because Rachel was so mean earlier in school, he was the one who began the rumor the she possessed both male and also female sexual organs. Also, Ross helped spread the rumor, therefore that reasons a rift between him and also Rachel, that are at this time on a break from hating every other. Elsewhere, Joey, “because he’s a Tribbiani,” tries come eat an entire turkey by himself, i m sorry is awesome.

3. “The One with Chandler in a Box” (Season 4, 1997)

In this Thanksgiving installment, anyone is having actually gross and/or strange love and sex problems, i m sorry manifest in a variety of plot breakthroughs, vision gags, and also incest gags that make this illustration of Friends feel like a toned-down ’90s version of Arrested Development. Amongst the weirdness: Monica gets right into Tim Burke (Michael Vartan), the child of her old friend Richard. Also weird: To punish Chandler because that kissing his girlfriend, Joey provides his best friend and also roommate spend six hours of Thanksgiving locked in a large wooden box. It ranks so high because Chandler do jokes indigenous a crate for the entire episode is just so strange and also funny.

2. “The One whereby Ross gained High” (Season 6, 1999)

They might have referred to as this “The One whereby Rachel provides a Trifle however the Cookbook Pages were Stuck Together, and She makes an Unholy combination of Shepherd’s Pie and also Trifle Instead, and also Joey Eats that Anyway, since He’s Joey.” It’s obtained that, and also that alone would certainly be much more than enough to floor this illustration high on the list. But there room so numerous other an excellent elements as well, like just how Phoebe briefly registered nurses a crush on Monica’s dad (onetime Hollywood dreamboat Elliott Gould), and also how Ross needs to admit come his parents the he was the one in college that smoked pot the one time, no Chandler, whom they hate due to the fact that they assumed he exhilaration pot in college the one time.

1. “The One with All the Thanksgivings” (Season 5, 1998)

additionally known together “The flashback Episode,” this one is over and above the best due to the fact that it’s pack not just with so numerous jokes, but likewise tons that Friends lore. Us aren’t privy to much of the present-day Thanksgiving since everyone is for this reason stuffed from one more one of chef Monica’s legendary super suppers, so all they have the right to do is reminiscence about their worst Thanksgivings. The episode then dives deep right into a cornucopia that humiliation. We view the origin story that Chandler’s hatred of Thanksgiving (his parental announced your divorce at the table because his dad was resting with the “houseboy,” just as that an extremely houseboy cheerfully asks young Bing, “More turkey, Mr. Chandler?”). We see young-adult Monica attempt to seduce young-adult Chandler however instead accidentally cut off his toe, i beg your pardon somehow has actually never come up prior to on five seasons that Friends, and which also feels prefer some quite revenge for his plenty of cracks in ~ Monica’s cost when she was heavier. And, of course, we obtain both Monica and Joey with a turkey stuck on their heads. There is in reality nothing funnier than a grown human being with a turkey stuck on your head.

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