Now the the entire collection of friends is available on Netflix to stream, plenty of fans have been caused discover small details around the show that may have previously gone unnoticed throughout their initial telecasts (and subsequent TBS reruns, because let"s be real: us all watched those a lot). Because that instance, the fact that Rachel actually wore a central Perk uniform because that the entire time she operated there! If anyone noticed it before, it certainly wasn"t usual knowledge till recently. It"s tiny details choose this that make me love the show even much more than I already do, yes, really — and also makes me wonder what else has gone unnoticed in the background.

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During a current rewatch/bingewatch session, I uncovered myself wondering about one that those details. Together a brand-new Yorker myself, I deserve to attest the it"s an extremely common understanding that, just since you to be able come secure a couch or details table in ~ a neighborhood coffee shop a few times definitely does not average you will always be able come secure that couch or table. Brand-new York is a liven city through a most people! It"s just unrealistic to suppose that her spot will always be cost-free when friend walk in come an establishment.

So... Exactly how was the couch at central Perk always totally free for the gang?

A couple of more episodes, and also I had an answer in the form of a formerly unnoticed elevator prop, best in front my eyes: turns out, the couch is reserved, guys.


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If girlfriend haven"t noticed it before, don"t feel negative — ~ all, the display ended in 2004, and I"m simply now noticing it myself! but it does do a the majority of sense, when you think around it: many of the corridor lived ideal upstairs, and Rachel operated there because that a an extensive period of time, for this reason they were clearly all tight with the owner and also various employees. Though there were details episodes the joked around the couch being inhabited by other patrons (one gag contained the gang walking in to check out the couch occupied by a set of friends who looked as with them, and another gag connected a pair that bullies steal the couch native Ross and Chandler), because that the many part, that was constantly reserved. This happens occasionally at community establishments about the city: i myself have seen a couple of instances — largely in Brooklyn, i m sorry is usually the "90s Greenwich village of now — wherein regulars (who have actually frequented the location for years, generally) have actually their own reserved spots, sign and also all.

Anyway, require proof? when you check out it, it"s kind of an overwhelming not to watch it during most episodes where the coffee table is visible. Simply take a look in ~ this screenshot from a arbitrarily episode at an early stage in the series: