Turner global operates execution of core Turner brands, consisting of CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and also TCM Turner standard Movies, and also country- and also region-specific networks and also businesses in Latin America, Europe, the middle East, Africa and also Asia Pacific. The manages the organization of Pay- and Free-TV-channels, and also Internet-based services, and also oversees commercial tandem with miscellaneous third-party media ventures; it teams with Warner Bros. And HBO to leverage Time Warner’s an international reach. Turner operates more than 180 networks showcasing 46 brands in 34 languages in over 200 countries. Turner worldwide is a Time Warner company.

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Miracle Workers

Season 1

The Heaven-set rectal comedy is based upon Simon Rich’s publication What In oh my god Name and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, and also Karan Soni.


I am The Night

Season 1

From executive producer Patty Jenkins, I am the Night speak the incredible story the Fauna Hodel (India Eisley) that was offered away in ~ birth. Together Fauna starts to investigate the secrets to she past, she adheres to a sinister trail the swirls ever closer come an well known Hollywood gynecologist, Dr. George Hodel (Jefferson Mays), a man involved in the darkest Hollywood debauchery.


Those that Can’t


Those that Can"t is truTV"s first foray into full-length scripted comedy. The half-hour show follows 3 trouble-making teachers, played by present creators Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy of the Denver-based comedy troupe The Grawlix.


The last OG

Season 2

Tray (Tracy Morgan) goes all in ~ above his desires of coming to be a chef and also Shay (Tiffany Haddish) has actually an intriguing service venture of her very own on the horizon. The series, co-created by Jordan Peele, debuted in 2018 together the #1 brand-new cable comedy.


The last OG

Season 2 airing currently on priziv.org

Tray (Tracy Morgan) goes every in top top his dreams of ending up being a chef and also Shay (Tiffany Haddish) has an intriguing business venture that her very own on the horizon. The series, co-created by Jordan Peele, debuted in 2018 as the #1 new cable comedy.

Final Space

Season 2 Coming quickly to priziv.org

An astronaut called Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick dubbed Mooncake embark ~ above serialized journeys through an are in order to unlock the mystery of where the cosmos actually ends and also if it actually does exist.

Tell Me her Secrets

Coming quickly to tNT

Tell Me your Secrets centers top top a trio of characters each v a mysterious and troubling past, consisting of Emma, a young woman who when looked into the eyes of a attention killer, John, a former serial predator desperate to find redemption and Mary, a grieving mother obsessed v finding her lacking daughter.

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Raised through Wolves

Coming soon to tNT

Ridley Scott’s television directorial debut centers upon two androids tasked with elevating human children on a secret virgin planet. Together the burgeoning swarm of people threatens to be take it apart by spiritual differences the androids discover that regulating the beliefs of human beings is a treacherous and challenging task.