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I’ve always been a large fan of the TV show Friends ever since I’ve known it existed. It started a small before my time and then the course, I had to wait a few years to truly get all of the hilarious innuendos. Ns remember the very first episode that I ever before watched to be the very very first thanksgiving the my currently fiance had actually chosen to spend with the entirety family. (He didn’t run away then, and also he’s stuck around ever since despite all of the craziness, so ns guess that you could say he’s a keeper.) because that anyone who has spent that holiday watching friend they understand that it’s an all day thing and it’s every one of the episodes that have caught that day end the years. My love for Friends began here and also continued end the years v me obtaining the full boxed season because that Christmas (which to be the best GIFT EVER!) so for every one of the girlfriend aficionados that reap this throwback still, I decided to placed together these DIY girlfriend Themed Valentines day Cards Printables just for you!

First, we have the famous “You’re my lobster” quote due to the fact that you just have actually too! I believe that the concept was put together by Phoebe who then mutual it with Ross and ultimately once he admitted his love because that Rachel he broke down and adopted her. This is a classic, and also probably among the most memorable people in general. You deserve to watch Phoebe share she logic behind this below:

Then we have actually the card reading “I’d drink the fat because that you” which describes Ross following Joey’s lead by drinking Monica’s glass that fat after gift instructed come by Rachel come prove that he truly desires her to attend his Paleontologist role with him after he has made she upset. Also though Rachel stopped Ross from actually doing it she is floored by the truth that the would. You have the right to watch the drama open minded below:

Next we have actually the more forward card analysis “How you doin?” which is of food Joey’s walk to line for literally any lady in the whole people he think is foxy.

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You can watch a compilation below:

Finally, we’ve acquired “I love you prefer Joey loves sandwiches” and also for everyone who’s ever seen him lacking a below or frankly food in general you’ll understand you space truly love if this compare is made. You can see among the famed sandwich scenes below:

You can download all of the DIY Friends Themed Valentines day Cards Printables here!

The girlfriend TV present will constantly have a ar in mine heart, what’s her favorite episode?