Frito-Lay boosts Direct-to-Consumer Shopping suffer with the launch of 'Make her Own' selection Pack |

Frito-Lay enhances Direct-to-Consumer Shopping suffer with the launch of 'Make her Own' range Pack

December 10, 2020

PLANO, Texas, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Snack fans have actually asked for an ext customization for years and Frito-Lay is responding in a huge way. Frito-Lay this particular day announced a new means for shoppers come customize their very own Frito-Lay selection Pack (FLVP) to fit the snacking needs of their family via a new feature ~ above its direct-to-consumer website,

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This new offering marries the convenience of digital shopping, together shopping for snacks online has actually grown over 100 percent year-over-year, with the customizable variety consumers are seeking. The recent Frito-Lay U.S. Snack Index1 uncovered that two out of 3 Americans would be much more likely to acquisition a selection pack the snacks if they had the ability to customize it.

"Since we introduced earlier this year, we"ve seen it resonate with consumers, and our team has uncovered insights to proceed giving ours consumers much more of what castle want," stated Michael Lindsey, Chief transformation and Strategy Officer, Frito-Lay phibìc America. "Our capacity to own the end-to-end worth chain permits us to deliver customized offerings prefer "Make your Own selection Pack" to create a an ext personalized snacking experience."

This choice is now easily accessible in 24 states situated in the east U.S., in addition to Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, i beg your pardon is the very first step of a multi-phase rollout to bring this level the customization to consumers nationwide by at an early stage 2021.

Recent data from the U.S. Snack index survey, paired v Frito-Lay eCommerce data and also market trends, revealed consumers have actually an increased need for convenience, including online choices to acquisition their favourite snacks.

Shopping online is around for the lengthy haul: if we understand shopping at retail stores will never ever go away, much more than 4 in five (85 percent) to speak they setup to shop digital going forward. The convenience the eCommerce is proven: once consumers try an digital option, approximately fifty percent enjoyed the convenience of purchase snacks online. Variety leads the pack: With around 42 percent the adults functioning from home full time and also millions of youngsters attending school virtually, selection is a key purchase driver once it come to picking what snacks to share up on. Frito-Lay range Pack has seen significant growth in 2020 through a 12 percent sales increase since March. More consumers take into consideration ordering straight from manufacturers for holiday shopping: While just 5 percent the Americans reported ordering holiday groceries straight from a manufacturer in 2019, 31 percent stated they would most likely do so in 2020.

"Our fans have asked because that a method to make their very own Frito-Lay variety Pack for years, and we room thrilled to be able to carry out them with this option on," said Rachel Ferdinando, an elderly vice president and chief marketing officer, Frito-Lay phibìc America. "During together a time when the people needs pleasure now an ext than ever, us are proceeding to hear to ours consumers and find new ways to create much more smiles."

Consumers deserve to purchase more than 100 Frito-Lay products, consisting of brands such together Lay"s, Tostitos, Cheetos, Ruffles, Stacy"s, and SunChips, and also dips, crackers, nuts and an ext from Additionally, because that this vacation season, Frito-Lay launched a holiday Shop, where fans can purchase one assortment of snack-themed gifts, product bundles and apparel.

Since that launch, has served as a experimentation ground offering brand-new insights right into what consumer are looking for in snacks. The site functions updated search functionality, improved navigation and design, permitting a much more intuitive and user-friendly shopping experience.

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1Survey MethodologyThis vote was carried out by Morning consult between October 16-18 among a nationwide sample the 2,200 adult nationally, 500 adult in Chicago, Dallas, new York City, and also Miami, and also 400 adults in mountain Francisco. The interviews were carried out online, and also the nationwide data were weighted to almost right a target sample of Adults based on age, educational attainment, gender, race, and also region. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of add to or minus 2 portion points.

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