It"s practically impossible to remember the 1996 action horror movie "From Dusk till Dawn" without reasoning of Salma Hayek dancing with an ablino Burmese python in a satanic dive bar. It"s together an iconic performance, the YouTube video clip of the dance alone boasts end 10 million views — but the reality is this scene almost never happened. 

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Five years before Britney Spears would dance with a Burmese python that her very own for her 2001 MTV VMA power of "I"m a slave 4 U," Hayek was actors as the dancer Santanico Pandemonium for "From Dusk it spins Dawn" in a fairly unconventional way. She said Yahoo! News that she had actually done a favor for director Robert Rodriguez throughout the filming the the 1995 anthology film "Four Rooms," dance in a bathing suit for one of the scenes, and once Quentin Tarantino witnessed her performance, he made decision to create her into "From Dusk till Dawn," his and Rodriguez"s following collaboration.

But as soon as Tarantino said Hayek around the specifically, of the scene, she had second thoughts about the role. 

Salma Hayek keeps certain aspects of she life private, yet the star revealed to Yahoo! News the snakes were her "greatest fear." Speaking with E!"s Justin Sylvester, Hayek more revealed that once she took the role, there was no line in the manuscript — that was a choice she claimed "Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino" do after-the-fact. This bait-and-switch ultimately developed cinematic gold, yet Hayek had actually to get rid of her ophidiophobia to obtain through the scene.

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Had Salma Hayek not get rid of her phobia that snakes, another actress would have taken the part, or at least that"s what Hayek said Tarantino said her. Hayek alleged the the legend director claimed Madonna to be interested in playing Santanico Pandemonium, snake and all, and also so, no wanting to lose the role, Hayek hung in there, and also even improvised the whole dance. 

So how did Hayek gain over her are afraid of snakes to make it through the scene? Hayek said E!, "In part culture, the snake stood for — I began doing research study — your inner power... And also my whole thing that ns brainwashed myself right into doing this was about dancing through my own inner power." This brainwashing was so effective that Hayek called Yahoo! News she had actually only vague memories that filming "From Dusk it rotates Dawn," due to the fact that of the "trance" she was in.

Sometimes the most mundane of situations can wake up immense an individual growth. Now, Hayek tackles huge scale, genre-spanning fare, consisting of Marvel"s "Eternals" and also Amazon"s "Bliss," however in 1996, she was no yet the mega-star she is today. Ultimately though, the star overcame her ophidiophobia because, together she called E!, "Frankly, i really necessary to pay the rent."