Rolling pastureland, pond views, and a wooded cul-de-sac make PURFOY location the perfect place to call home. All homesites are simply shy of half an acre v curb and gutter, sidewalk ~ above the north next of the street, and also a mail kiosk.Situated just southeast that the Triangle right throughout the county heat only four miles indigenous Fuquay-Varina’s city-center. This ar makes perfect sense for your commute to almost everywhere in the Raleigh and also RTP areas and also Fayetteville, Lillington, and Buies Creek.

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Front Porch Realty is the #1 regional independent genuine estate agency in Fuquay-Varina & Clayton, NC. Although, we stand for homebuyers transparent the Triangle Area, we specialize in representing homebuyers and also homeowners in “Our Town” with an office in downtown Fuquay-Varina, DOWNTOWN CLAYTON and also a existence in the coastal NC area. We are full time local brokers that pride ourselves on superior service and expertise. Us welcome the chance to aid you with any kind of real estate require you might have.


In-depth, local sector knowledge, a genuine appreciation that our distinct lifestyle and also extensive support of our local communitiy is what renders us different! only a local have the right to have an ear come the ground around what is hip, cool, new and exciting about living in this town. Who cares an ext about this community, and even the traditions in this community, than the human being who in reality live here? Visit our Blog to learn an ext about our Town.

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Our Town


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Located in the love of southern Wake County, Fuquay-Varina, NC has actually maintained its small town charm in spite of its current rocket growth. Friendly and welcoming town feel with big town sources sums up this dynamic cultivation town. “The ar here is prefer no other” to speak our residents.

Fuquay-Varina has endless alternatives for the entire age spectrum. From ours dog park to our children splash pad, yoga in the park and also our golf courses, there is no must leave town to find dining, boutique shopping and night life. Top top weekends you deserve to hop approximately our 2 “downtowns”, Fuquay and Varina, and visit our award-winning breweries and also local restaurants whereby you can always find live music and regional food trucks. Local hot-spot favorites encompass the Aviator, Nils cafe & Bakery, the Mason jug Tavern, and also the Mill. This town is all around LOCAL! 

Wake county’s “best retained secret” is likewise rich in culture. V 21 public parks facilities; there is constantly one nearby by no matter what community you live in. Park amenities incorporate walking trails, picnic facilities and also even party shelters easily accessible for rent for a household function. Fuquay-Varina takes pride in hosting an annual art paint-off known as En Plein Air where artists from all over the Southeast qualify to compete.

Fuquay-Varina’s convenience come the I-540 corridor simply 4 mi increase the road in Holly Springs makes RTP and also the RDU airport just 40 minutes. Just 20 minutes south of Fuquay-Varina is home to Campbell University.

What’s not to love around this quaint and also flourishing town? It won’t be long prior to you room calling Fuquay-Varina “home”.