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Every day our team goes the extra mile to make air take trip easy and also affordable. This efforts allow millions of civilization to have actually the chance to take trip - come visit family and friends, take amazing vacations or create new businesses - every year. Our flight attendants are our finest ambassadors and also the heart of ours airline.

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Make your career takeoff with Frontier. Each day through us, girlfriend will travel to brand-new places and make new friends along the way. It’s time to adopt your inner adventurer!
Take to the wait with trip benefits because that you & her family, and also guest passes for friends. Girlfriend will additionally enjoy discounts transparent the travel industry!
You’ll have the chance for job advancement. You will also enjoy paid holidays, vacation and also sick leave!
Our crew members receive medical, dental and also vision insurance. We additionally offer a 401k arrangement to aid you arrangement for your future!

Do you desire to love what friend do?

Do you like working with good people?

Do You look for adventure in her life?

What you"ll need

High college Diploma or GEDAt least two decades old once applyingLegally authorized to occupational in the U.S.A valid passport through at least 6 months validityWillingness to relocate:Our bases are Denver, CO; las Vegas, NV, Orlando, FL; Chicago IL & the Trenton/Philadelphia area.Tattoos: at Frontier Airlines, we perform not enable any clearly shows tattoos when wearing our trip Attendant uniform, even if spanned by makeup, clothing, jewel and/or a bandage. This policy thus prohibits tattoos in areas normally visible while wearing our uniform including the face, ears, hands, wrists and neck.Must have the ability to fasten a four allude jump seat harness without the usage of expansion devices

1. Apply

Let us know you"re interested by applying and submitting her resume online. Afterwards, you’ll get a link in your email to take it a quick assessment - Don’t anxiety this is just so we can acquire to recognize you a small better!

2. Video Interview

If us seem to fit, we"ll kinds a video interview come learn more about you and also your experience. You deserve to breathe easy - you deserve to use a mobile an equipment or a computer - the interview have to only take about 15-20 minutes.

3. In-Person Interview

Next, if it’s a match, we’ll invite you come an in-person rental event. It"s her time come shine so you re welcome come dressed professionally. Don’t have cold feet - we"re excited to satisfy you!

4. Maintain Program

If selected, you"ll attend our 3 1/2 week training regimen at our training facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This method you"re one action closer to gift a Frontier trip Attendant!

5. Graduation

After properly completing training you’ll graduate and also officially be a component of Team Frontier! We space thrilled to have you on-board. Be prepared for your following adventure!

 Being a Frontier trip attendant is not simply a job, but a lifestyle. When you sign up with the Frontier family you room joining among the best inflight teams in the industry.

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I love functioning for Frontier airlines as a flight attendant due to the fact that we’re a family. We room constantly farming and an altering as an airline. Our culture at Frontier is very unique, as with the pets featured on ours tails.
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