You love low fares; we love low fares. The why we collection up Jack’s flight Club and also it’s why you’re here! If you’ve tried getting everywhere in the united state for under $100 return trip, you’ve likely come across both Spirit and also Frontier Airlines. These insanelylow-cost carriersrival the likes of JetBlue and also Southwest by providing fares the can’t aid but lure in budget-savvy travellers.

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For anyone who’s tried to book a ticket v either carrier, you’ve likely seen the these prices come v a cost in additional fees for things you’d regularly take for granted, such together sitting with your travel companion(s), having a drink(or also water!)on-board, and also especially their height money-maker: pass a regular-sized cabin bag on-board.

To ensure the your trip remains together cheap together possible, we’ve written this comfortable guide around the 2 airlines’ baggage policies and also how to do the absolute most of your totally free allowance.

Spirit Air


Love them or dislike them, you can’t help but be impressed at heart Air’s US residential coverage or their super low fares. Their personal baggage policy is, in their very own words, “Designed to maximize the passenger’s budget.” Whichever way you look at it, her cheap ticket can end increase looking a little less appealing once you’ve added a decent sized bag into the mix.

How strictly is Spirit’s an individual baggage policy?

Very. If your cost-free personal bag doesn’t fit in the bag sizer at the check-in counter (and sometimes even at the gate), you’ll need to pay ~$65 to have it put in the hold. In ~ an pin money of18 x 14 x 8 inches, this way that anything over the dimension of a small rucksack, handbag or laptop bag is at risk of being charged for.

Pro Tip:Unless you’re check a bag, stop the check-in respond to at every costs. Check-in online, print your boarding pass and also go straight through security. Their staff will often avoid act thorough baggage pin money checks in ~ the door (especially on delay flights), if a stop at the counter only provides them one more opportunity to discover a reason to well you. Less staff communication is encouraged!

Why carry out they charge fees to add a regular-sized cabin bag?

Spirit waiting insists the efficiency and timekeeping is the main aim that this practice to save fares low. Anyone who has actually taken a trip with heart Air will know its punctuality issues, therefore the airline intends to alleviate the number of bags having actually to be eliminated at the leave gate and also checked right into the hold and thus rate up the boarding process.

Additionally, charging add-on fees for nearly everything help them save their base flight prices together low together they are, driving more customers to your website over the competition.

What is their baggage plan & exactly how much carry out they charge?

Passengers space allowedone free bag up to 18 x 14 x 8 inches, v a $65 fee at the gate need to this no fit in the bag sizer. For second cabin bag approximately 55 x 40 x 20cm, if you"re component ofSpirit"sFare society it is $26-$47 and non-members $35-$49.

In regards to checked baggage, a 40lb piece can be purchased for $21-$26 for soul fare club members and also $30-$35 for non-members each way at the time of booking, or $70 either later on or at the check-in desk. The worth pointing out that a $12 every lb excess will certainly be charged need to your confirm bag more than the weight allowance. You can see a more detailed malfunction of fees for sporting activities equipment, music instruments and also morehere.

How to make the most of the totally free baggage allowance

Whisper it: if your complimentary bag is claimed to to the right under the seat in prior of you, it have the right to usually be inserted into the overhead lockers without too lot fuss, releasing up a bit an ext room for you. Be sure to arrive at the departure gate beforehand to discover some an are on board. Space and budget-conscious tourists should think about a bag together asthisthat complies with the cost-free baggage allowance, or thisstylish little number(Note: We room not affiliated with these sellers).

Pro Tip:Avoid hard side luggage and go v a soft side bag for her carry-on. You will do it typically have the ability to fit at the very least 25% much more and tho muscle it right into their bag-sizer at the door if asked to!

Other means Spirit waiting can record you slipping:

Know what you payment for. If you do pick to pay for a full-sized carry-on or confirm bag, remember that you did. Their check-in procedure and boarding passes deliberately make it daunting to watch what you’ve currently paid for together they shot to encourage you to do those exact same purchases again by mistake. You i will not ~ be getting a refund if did you do it accidentally paid for 2 confirm bags.

Frontier Air


Frontier waiting has slowly been broadening their regulate of the budget airline market over the past couple of years. The us was previously overcame by greatly upper- to mid-price airlines and people are now looking for alternatives such together Frontier and Spirit.

Much favor Spirit Air, they offer rock bottom fares through the proviso that a conventional cabin bag and other items will expense you extra!

How strictly is Frontier Air’s an individual baggage policy?

Strict! favor Spirit Air, you are allowed one small personal item for cost-free but for second carry-on (that have the right to be no more than 10"x16"x24" or 35lbs) that will cost you $30-$45 if you pre-booked, or $60 at the airport.

Why perform they charge fees to include a regular-sized cabin bag?

They charge fees to contend with the likes of heart Air, Allegiant and Southwest on price, no to point out to attract potential customers through their short base fares. All the same factors as those proclaimed above.

What is your baggage plan & how much perform they charge?

While one an individual item per passenger is enabled for free, Frontier charges a fee because that all extr carry-on luggage. Carry-on bags need to not exceed 10" x 16" x 24" in size and 35lbs in weight. Bags exceeding this size must be confirm at the door at a price of $60.

Frontier charges because that all confirm baggage. Confirm bags must weigh no more than 50lbs and also measure 62″ (L+W+H) or less. Checked baggage fees selection from $30 because that pre-paid come $85 if confirm at the airport.

Checking-in overfill baggage, meaning three or an ext bags every passenger, prices $85-$95 per bag.

How to do the most of Frontier Air’s totally free baggage allowance

Smart and also affordable choices such asthis26 pocket vest that holds your in-flight essentials could be a good option come comply through the size regulations (not affiliated, just a an excellent item).

Pro Tip:If you going what cold, undertake your many space-consuming apparel at the plane (or even lug them on her arm). Jackets do not must be paid for as extra luggage for this reason opt because that a huge coat v deep pockets and fill them with anything that won’t to the right in your totally free bag. When onboard, you have the right to usually fit it in between the cabin bags in the overhead locker.

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