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Budget airline Frontieris known for being an extremely picky — and pricey — as soon as it pertains to baggage.Not only will friend pay because that each bag (except a an individual item), but the prices considerably increase if you decision to salary the fees at the airport rather than once you book.The Frontier baggage plan is also an extremely strict once it concerns the size demands for bags, and it won’t even let you lug a bag that’s over its dimension limits.Before your next trip, familiarize yourself with every one of Frontier’s fees so friend don’t acquire stuck paying also much. We’ll give you tips to lower your fees, and even present you how to minimize expenses by just using the righttravel credit transaction card.

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Frontier airlines baggage policies

Frontier’s bag plans are fairly strict. For checked luggage, the dimensions can not exceed 62” collectively. That method it have the right to be whatever shape friend want, but the length, width and also height can not exceed 62”. The weight likewise must be under 50 lbs., or you’ll pay a $75 fee.Frontier Airlines’ carry-on dimension is 24”x16”x10” so regarding fit in the overhead bins, and also they can not be an ext than 35 lbs. Friend may likewise bring a personal item onto the plane, and those dimensions can’t exceed 8”x18”x14” for this reason it’ll to the right under the chair in prior of you. Pieces prefer baby needs, medical devices and prayer rugs may be brought in addition.Carry-on bags, and also checked luggage, will price a fee, however the an excellent news is the by purchasing a carry-on bag for your flight, you’ll get Zone 1 boarding so you can acquire your bag right into the overhead compartment.

Baggage fees

Everything beyond a personal item will expense you when you paris Frontier Airlines. Your an individual item is free, yet the cost of a carry-on starts about $37 and the Frontier checked bag dues starts approximately $32. Price vary based on when you salary for your bags and what your flight route is, however here room the basics the what you must know.The absolute cheapest alternative for package fees is to pay because that them when you book the flight. Every missed opportunity to pay for them method you’re paying more and more, and paying at the airport will cost a pretty penny. The prices space also, the course, just for one way, so save in mind you will do it most likely be paying these fees twice. Pay early.It’s likewise worth noting the if you carry a carry-on to the gate that is overweight or doesn’t satisfy the dimension restrictions, you will do it be required to gate inspect it, i beg your pardon will cost the maximum fee of $60, so be careful. For a much better breakdown the prices, inspect out the table below, but for an exact price for your next trip, checkFrontier’s price page.

BagDuring booking on internet or appBefore check-in on web or appAt check-in on net or appAt airport kiosk or ticket counterAt plane boarding gateCall center
1st bag$32-$37$35-$45$37-$46$55$60$55
2nd bag$39-$50$45-$50$49-$55$55N/A$55
3rd bag and beyond$80-$85$80-$85$85-$90$95N/A$95

Frontier airline baggage fees for military

Active duty military with a Common access Card space welcome to bring one personal item, one carry-on bag and also two confirm bags at no cost. This courtesy does not expand to military family members or take trip companions. While military bags must additionally adhere to baggage dimension guidelines, the oversize fee is waived for the first two checked bags.

Excessive baggage fees

Frontier airlines restricts the size and weight that bags. Your bag size should fit both the dimension and also weight allowance. Bags over 50 lbs. Room subject come a $75overweight package fee, and also bags over 99 lbs.cannot fly in ~ all.Bags the are bigger than the size allowance space alsosubject come an oversize fee. Again, confirm bags should be under a accumulation 62” as soon as you include up the length, width, and height. If friend exceed the 62”, her bag is subject to a $75 fee. Bags can not exceed 110” when all side measurements are included up. Therefore to sum that up, if your bag is end 62”andweighs an ext than 50 lbs., you will do it be paying 2 extra fees the $75 each.

How to prevent some the the baggage fees

The good news about Frontier is that there are ways toavoid baggage fees—or in ~ the an extremely least, salary a little less. Right here are a couple of tips to conserve money as soon as paying for bags.

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Pay early: The finest strategy — the earlier you pay because that your checked bags, the an ext money you’ll save. By paying for a carry-on or checked bag as soon as you book your flight, you’re walk to obtain the lowest possible cost. Even paying for the bag front of check-in will conserve you money. The much longer the wait, the much more you pay

Bottom line

The most necessary piece of info to remember as soon as it comes to Frontier’s baggage fees is that the previously you pay, the less you pay. Therefore if friend must inspect a bag or lug a carry-on, pay for it when you book the flight. Otherwise, try to reduced the price down by utilizing a take trip credit card or one of the airlines’ bundle deals. If nothing else, you have the right to just ship your bags and also not resolve any of this in ~ all.

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