ATLANTA, Ga. (March 8, 2016) – This spring,® is acquisition cold-brewed iced coffee to the following level, presenting Frosted Coffee because that customers beginning Monday, march 14 at restaurants nationwide.

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Frosted Coffee is make by combining’s signature vanilla Icedream® with grow Farmers™ cold-brewed iced coffee. The hand-spun act starts at just 240 calories, offering fewer than fifty percent the calorie of a milkshake.’s cold-brew iced coffee procedure is commonly reserved for specialty coffee houses, providing a hand-crafted taste. Unlike traditional techniques in which hot-brewed coffee is cooled and later iced,’s cold-brewed coffee is never ever heated; instead coffee grounds room infused with cool, filtered water and also steeped making use of proprietary equipment for as much as 24 hours to create a concentration that is naturally sweeter v low acidity and also bitterness. This is then mixed with’s signature Icedream®.

“We’re excited to sell customers a new, great-tasting frosted beverage.”’s Icedream® is a delicious, dairy product treat through an old-fashioned vanilla taste. The start of Frosted Coffee comes on the heels of the successful launch the Frosted Lemonade in 2015.

“We’re excited to offer customers a new, great-tasting frosted beverage simply in time because that spring,” claimed Amanda Norris, senior director of menu development for “Our guests let united state know how much they’ve enjoyed Frosted Lemonade, and we think they’ll love Frosted Coffee just as much when they’re search a delicious, irradiate treat.”

Frosted Coffee will be easily accessible in a small (14-ounce) or huge (20-ounce) serving with prices starting at $2.69 because that a small. A limited-time menu option, Frosted Coffee will be accessible through may 31, 2016. partnered with flourish Farmers Coffee in 2014, becoming the an initial in the quick-service industry to market specialty-grade coffee. The revenue of each cup the coffee provides straight revenue to the thrive Farmers network of family members farmers in main America. The farmer-direct platform enables the farmers to earn approximately 10 times an ext than farmers knife in classic revenue models.

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