Have you tried the Chick Fil A Frosted Coffee? This hand-spun treat is the perfect mix of a pick-me-up and also a sweet ice cream cream dessert.

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Leave it approximately Chick Fil A because that making a exciting drink mix of coffee and ice cream. You could wonder what in the human being is a frosted coffee?

What is a Frosted Coffee?

A frosted coffee is the perfect combination of vanilla ice cream cream and coffee. It is similar to a coffee milkshake. You might swap the end the vanilla ice cream cream for cacao ice cream if you desired.

Ideally, you will need to use coffee the is in ~ room temperature to do a frosted coffee. Warm coffee will melt the ice cream. So don’t use warm coffee. You might want to use cold brew coffee, however again, make certain it’s room temperature coffee.

When friend make your frosted coffee in ~ home, you might use one of two people decaf coffee or constant coffee. To make this recipe you will need about 1/2 cup or 4 ounces of coffee.

Frosted Coffee ingredient

Thankfully every little thing you require is likely currently in your pantry. For this reason you have the right to have this amazing treat anytime!

Vanilla ice cream creamChilled or room temperature coffee

How much Caffeine is in a Chick Fil A Frosted Coffee?

There are about 48 milligrams of caffeine in 4 ounces of coffee. For this reason this frosted coffee has actually about half of the caffeine of your mean 8-ounce cup the coffee.

You have the right to make this ice cream cream special drink in no time at all. You mix this up quickly in a blender. If friend don’t occur to have a blender you can mix up the Chick Fil A Frosted coffee by place the ice cream ~ it has actually softened slightly and also the coffee right into a clean glass jar and giving it a an excellent shake.

Is this a dessert or just a an excellent refreshing coffee?

Chick Fil A desserts space amazing. Who have the right to resist your brownies, and their version of ice cream? You might enjoy this Chick Fil A frozen coffee after a enjoy the meal or as a fun snack. One of two people way, you reap this interesting take on one iced coffee or coffee milkshake. You room walking away with one great drink.

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