Balance of Nature’s totality Health System contains a mix of three whole food supplements come improve overall health and also gut function. The ingredients within this supplements space supported by research study to boost health, yet the monthly price is too lot to justify.

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Well-researched ingredients for gut healthA good way to boost nutrient/antioxidant intake


Expensive supplementNumber of pills and also scoops of powder might be cumbersome to take it dailyContains soy and also grapefruit, which can be harmful to certain populations


Balance of Nature’s totality Health System consists of entirety food additionally designed come “kick lol to the curb” and also improve whole-body health.

The totality Health mechanism is made up of Fruits & Veggies supplements and Fiber & Spice flour drink.

The fruit & Veggies supplements contain speed dried and also ground fruits and also vegetables the together space reported to be equivalent to 10 servings (approximately 5 cups) of fruits and vegetables.

The fruit supplement blend has 16 whole fruits and also aloe vera.

It has cherries, lemons, pineapple, apples, cranberries, mango, raspberries, bananas, grapes, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, papaya, and also tomatoes.

The veggies blend includes broccoli, celery, soybeans, cabbage, garlic, spinach, carrots, kale, wheatgrass, cauliflower, onions, yams, cayenne peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and also zucchini.

Fiber & freckles is a fiber drink that consists of a mix of fibers and also 12 spices. It has psyllium husk, flax seeds, totality apples, allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds, cumin, fennel seeds, fenugreek, ginger, mustard seeds, nutmeg, and also turmeric.

Evaluation that Ingredients

All the the Balance the Nature supplements consist of proprietary blends, which renders it challenging to know if the ingredients contained are present in efficient concentrations.

I can not uncover the supplement Facts label for any kind of of the commodities on the Balance that Nature website and had to uncover it ~ above its Amazon storefront.

For a potential consumer, searching about for a complement Facts label must be a huge red flag.

The Veggies complement blend contains:

720 mg the Maintain blend713 mg the Protect blend576 mg of Repair blend

The fruits supplement blend contains:

731 mg of Maintain blend719 mg that Protectblend561 mg of Repair blend

Fiber & spice contains:

10 g that Balanced entirety Fiber Blend3 g the Protect & Repair totality Spice Blend

Due to the variety of ingredients in between these three supplements in the Balance of Nature totality Health System, this review will focus on fruit and vegetable powders together a whole and also the ingredients that are recognized for gut health.

Fruit and also Vegetable Powders

There is minimal research available on the efficacy that the Balance of Nature fruit & Veggies powder.

There is one clinical trial that showed triple-dose supplementation through Balance of Nature for 90 days boosted clinical features of cirrhosis in individuals with chronic hepatitis.

This examine was not released in a peer-reviewed journal, which limits the credibility and also strength of the results.

Other studies find that fruit and vegetable concentrated powders provide antioxidants that have the right to reduce inflammation markers and oxidative anxiety within the body.

One particular study discovered that obese females taking a fruit and vegetable antioxidant supplement had diminished inflammatory markers of oxidative stress and anxiety after completing an aerobic exercise.

Studies through athletes discover that antioxidant supplementation might slightly improve performance throughout workouts by improving resistance and also endurance, yet this result is not consistent.

Fruit and also vegetable powders can additionally be advantageous for immune function.

In a randomized trial, healthcare experts were offered either a fruit and vegetable supplement or a placebo because that 8 months.

After the trial, researchers uncovered that people taking the supplement reduced days v moderate or severe typical cold symptom by 20%.

Some research additionally suggests that food-based antioxidant supplements might decrease the hazard of upper respiratory illnesses in upstream athletes.


Fruit and vegetable powders may be reliable for supporting immune function and to reduce oxidative stress and anxiety from exercise, but it has actually inconsistent efficacy for boosting workout performance.

Gut Health

Psyllium rice peel is a form of fiber made from the Plantago ovata plant and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine.

A 2017 testimonial of the efficiency of fiber in gastrointestinal health uncovered that psyllium supplementation improves the composition of healthy bacteria in the gut, reduce both constipation and also diarrhea, and improves worldwide symptoms of IBS.

Pectin is a form of fiber found in apples that is taken into consideration a prebiotic.

It helps balance gut microbiota, strengthens the intestinal barrier, and may prevent pathogenic bacteria from sticking to cell in the intestines.

Turmeric contains energetic polyphenol curcumin, which is known to it is in metabolized through the gut microbiota.

Curcumin may boost gut wellness by strengthening the minister barrier, to reduce inflammation, and balancing the gut-brain axis.

Spices are full of antioxidants, including polyphenols, and may offer as prebiotics to encourage the expansion of useful bacteria in the gut.

One pilot study uncovered that a mixed-spice supplement containing culinary doses of garlic, cinnamon, oregano, ginger, and also black pepper improved the ingredient of gut microbiota compared to a placebo.


Psyllium and also pectin are probiotics the are displayed to be efficient in enhancing gut microbiota and helping with numerous gastrointestinal symptoms. Flavors contain a variety of antioxidants such together polyphenols to minimize gut inflammation and may have actually a prebiotic duty to help increase healthy and balanced gut bacteria.

Verdict on claimed Benefits

Below is our an introduction of the accessible evidence for the declared benefits the Balance that Nature entirety Health System based upon the obtainable research:

Improve cradle functionStrong EvidenceSupport immune systemStrong EvidenceImprove practice recoveryStrong Evidence

Side Effects, Safety, and also Dosage

Balance that Nature supplements space gluten-free, v no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, extracts, fillers, and totally free of GMOs.

The Veggies capsules have actually soybean in them, for this reason they are most likely not safe for individuals with soybean beans allergies.

According come the creators that the Balance the Nature line, the fruits & Veggies supplements space safe for pregnant and also nursing mothers and can be for sure for children.

It is still best to speak with your physician before taking these supplements.

The creators also state that the fruits & Veggies capsules have to be safe to take if you’re taking medications if your doctor has actually approved girlfriend to have a range of fruits and vegetables.

Despite this, I have actually concerns around grapefruit as one of the ingredient in the fruit supplements.

Grapefruit is well-known to interact with a far-ranging number of typical medications (including those taken because that heart health, autoimmune conditions, and also psychiatric medications) and cause significant side effects.

For some people, adding a fiber complement to your regime may cause mild cradle effects, including gas, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort.

On your website, Balance the Nature says that they get their commodities tested at an independent laboratory for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, nutritional content, hefty metals, and also pesticides.

The dosage of the fruits & Veggies supplements is 3 capsules the each everyday (6 capsules total).

These supplements deserve to be chewed and also swallowed dried or swallowed through water.

Fiber & summer sprouts powder’s daily serving is 2 heaping scoops and also should it is in taken twice daily with water.


The price of Balance that Nature supplements relies on exactly how much that the entirety Health device you desire to use.

You can purchase the fruits & Veggies for $89.95, the Fiber & Spice for $69.95, or incorporate the 2 (without discount) because that $159.95.

If you come to be a desired Customer and also get a monthly subscription to your products, you deserve to get far-reaching savings the $20 per product.

The fruit & Veggies will price $69.95, the Fiber & spice will price $49.95, and also together the totality Health System prices $109.95 per month.

Returns can only it is in made within 30 days of your an initial “Preferred Customer” purchase of the Balance the Nature supplements.

You will require a Return was Authorization number (available v a call number on their Returns page) come return your order. Shipping expenses are not included in your refund.

At a glance, the price of these supplements may appear to it seems to be ~ “worth it” due to it supposedly being tantamount to 10 servings of fruits and also vegetables and also providing various phytochemicals.

Still, once you watch deeper, the isn’t. A supplement is not enough to replace eating continuous fruits and vegetables in her diet, and the cost of this product is significantly greater than alternatives.

How Balance that Nature Compares come Alternatives

Balance the Nature commodities are fairly expensive compared to various other fruit and vegetable capsule supplements.

Other supplements, consisting of well-known entirety food supplements favor Juice Plus+, room cheaper while providing a similar product.

Juice Plus+ additionally has several clinical trials published in peer-reviewed newspaper to back up its claims.

Because Balance the Nature is a proprietary blend, the is complicated to determine if it truly has a greater concentration of nutrients than other products.

The fruit & Veggies supplements require you to take 6 capsules total to attain the recommended day-to-day dosage.

Other whole food fruit and also vegetable additionally usually just require 2 capsules every day.

As much as the Fiber & Spice complement goes, you deserve to absolutely uncover fiber supplements that don’t cost between $50–70 every month.

Take the extra money come buy a range of spices for your spice room to usage in your continuous cooking.

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Research already supports culinary doses of these seasonings to improve gut health, and also they will last because that a longer time.