Ray: It"s a different fruit every month.

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Marie: Every month?Ray: Yes. Yes. That"s why they call it Fruit-of-the-Month Club.Marie: It"s a club? Oh, mine God! What do I execute with all this fruit?Ray: Well, most civilization like it, Ma! girlfriend share it. Re-superstructure it through all your friends.Marie: which friends?Ray: ns don"t know. Lee and also Stan.Marie: Lee and also Stan to buy their very own fruit.Ray: Well, give it to-Marie: Oh, why walk you execute this to me?Ray: my God!Marie: ns can"t talk. There"s too much fruit in the house!

Marie: her birthday gift to me ultimately came this morning. Did you recognize you sent out me a crate of pears?Ray: Yeah. Yeah.Marie: native a place dubbed Fruit-of-the-Month?Ray: That"s right. Exactly how are they?Marie: Oh, they"re really nice pears. Yet there space so many of them. There space over a dozen pears. What to be I claimed to do with all those pears?Ray: i think you"re supposed to eat them, Ma.Marie: Myself?Ray: You and Dad and Robert.Marie: How many pears can Robert eat? Look, I appreciate the thought, Raymond, but please, don"t ever before send united state any much more fruit again. Thanks.

Robert: once did he acquire this?Marie: Oh, that"s an award her brother obtained for his sports column.Robert: never ends because that Raymond.Marie: Oh, bad Robbie.Robert: everyone loves Raymond. I go to work, people shoot in ~ me. Ray goes come work, civilization do the wave. Climate he sits down, has actually a warm dog, doodles ~ above a item of paper and they give him a trophy.

Marie: execute you recognize that the fruit keeps comes month after ~ month? He"s acquired us in some kind of a cult.Ray: It"s not a cult, Ma. It"s a club.Frank: What do you mean, month after month? For exactly how long?Ray: A year.Frank: mine God, are you out of her mind?Ray: Sorry. I"m for this reason sorry, Dad.Frank: What carry out you think us are? Invalids? we can"t walk out and also get our own fruit?Marie: i tried to tell him.Ray: all right, I"m canceling the fruit club!Marie: Oh, good. Thank you, Raymond. Thank you. And also don"t perform that again.Frank: choose we don"t have sufficient problems!

Agent Garfield: Mrs. Barone, you seem prefer an intelligent woman.Marie: give thanks to you. Have actually a cookie.Agent Garfield: execute you really think the a mommy interfering to the extent that friend have can possibly aid a man get a task with the FBI? There"s something else going on.Marie: that was claimed to retire! He"s a year far from no being a police officer. Which means I might stop worrying about him every 2nd of the day. I want him to be safe. Now he desires to go from one dangerous job to another? exactly how long execute I have to walk roughly with a knot in my stomach? Forever? i can"t carry out it anymore. It"s too much. But he wants this job. It"ll make him happy. And he should be happy. So, yes, that should have this job. Please, provide him this job.Agent Garfield: i can"t perform that.Marie: No. No, don"t reprimand him, you have the right to punish me! Put among those tracking things on my legs so i can"t gain out the the house. And if you met my husband, you"d recognize that"s punishment enough.

Marie: Raymond, do you see what castle see?Ray: Um... I don"t know.Marie: No, phone call me the truth.Ray: Well... Probably if i squint a little.Marie: Oh, mine God, I"m a lesbian!

Ray: every right, look, Dad. We think girlfriend should understand that ally was type of upset around what happened with the man at the market.Frank: Okay. Turn the TV ago on.Marie: Wait a second. What happened?Frank: Aw, the jackass fruit guy accused me that stealing.

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Marie: Frank, please! They"re homosexuals.