The 2021 Florida State football season began with a bang Sunday night with a tremble rally versus Notre Dame.

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Now, after nearly pulling off an remarkable upset, the Seminoles are in search of their first win.

FSU welcomes Jacksonville State native the FCS come Doak Campbell stadion for the second year in a heat on Saturday night. 

Quarterback Jordan Travis started in Sunday"s 41-38 loss come the Fighting Irish, ranked No. 7 in the USA TODAY sports AFCA Coaches Poll. He threw for two touchdowns but also threw 3 interceptions. After losing his helmet top top a hit in the fourth quarter, McKenzie Milton stepped in for his very first game activity since a gruesome knee injury he endured with UCF in 2018. Milton perfect the game, walk 5 for 7 for 48 yards together FSU required overtime after ~ being under 18 points.

Coach Mike Norvell has kept the under wraps over who will start and also whether both quarterbacks will certainly play.

The Gamecocks space 0-1 after losing 31-0 to UAB. Their quarterback is Zerrick Cooper, who moved from Clemson after the 2017 season. JSU is coached by john Grass.

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FSU win Jacksonville State 41-24 top top Oct. 3, 2020, after ~ the Gamecocks acquired out to a 14-0 lead in the very first quarter. The Seminoles turn it roughly thanks come 265 rushing yards and also five TDs on the ground, consisting of one every by Travis, Lawrance Toafili and Jashaun Corbin.

A close look in ~ the comeback:McKenzie Milton"s long-awaited return in ~ Florida State to be a minute years in the making

COVID protocols:FSU "disappointed" that an ext fans did not wear masks at Sunday"s opener vs. Notre Dame

Rebuilding blocks:Weiler: difficult to refuse FSU"s "Climb" is underway at begin of Mike Norvell"s second year

How to watch FSU Seminoles vs. Jacksonville State top top TV, live stream

Where: Doak Campbell Stadium,, Florida

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 11

TV: ACC Network (Channel 612 top top DirecTV, Channel 402 on dish Network), clock on YouTube TV (2-week free trial), Hulu + Live TV (7-day complimentary trial), fuboTV (7-day free trial)

Live stream: WatchESPN (TV provider needed), ESPN+ ($6.99 per month) and also the ESPN app

Radio: WFLA, Sirius XM (Channel 193)

Online radio:,,

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