Only the fireworks display will be component of the fort Hood July 4th observance on ft Hood. Fireworks might be perceived in adjacent and far parking lots around Hood Stadium. The presentation starts at 9:30 p.m. Saturday and will it is in simulcast ~ above TV live on KXXV-25 and KWTX-10.

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While ft Hood has actually traditionally played hold to festivities and also fireworks for July Fourth, this year will certainly be various due come the recurring pandemic.

Only the fireworks present will be available this year as COVID-19 proceeds to rattle the U.S. Hood Stadium will certainly not be open up for the presentation this year, and spectators are asked for to clock from the surrounding parking lot indigenous the stadium or other outlying lots.

“We’re doing fireworks only, choose a journey in theater,” Dr. Peter Craig, manager of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, said. “You come, you park, you rotate your radio on come 101.7 and you can listen to it … and see it most anywhere on post or even off post.”

Craig stated first-come, first-serve parking will be easily accessible around Hood Stadium, the ar Events Center, Military apparel Sales, the clear Creek Commissary and the Bowling Center. The stadion itself will certainly be closed, but the restroom infrastructure will be open for those the town hall the fireworks native the stadium parking lot.

Also, unequal previous years, the surroundings will remain in its normal closed defense status. Tourists will require to attain a tourists pass indigenous the Marvin Leath travellers Welcome center at the main Gate

“It will not be an open write-up like traditional years,” he said “You’ve gained to come at an early stage enough to obtain in.”

Protocols will also be in location in the parking areas in able come accommodate social distancing.

“It’s going to it is in every other spot under at the stadium. We’re walk to have a information down there telling civilization where they have the right to park,” Craig said. “It’s vehicles, no RVs. It’s no the big celebration it provided to be.”

DFMWR requests anyone to society distance, wear masks and shot to keep their groups less than 10 or 15 people.

The fort Hood self-reliance Day fireworks screen will begin at 9:30 p.m. Saturday. Start at 7 p.m., on-post parking areas will be available. Patriotic music will be detailed by K absent 101.7.

To accessibility post, patrons need to retain a precious Department that Defense ID map to go into at any accessibility point or attain a tourists pass native the Marvin Leath travellers Welcome facility at the main Gate. Live TV broadcasts will air ~ above KXXV-25 and also KWTX-10 in ~ 9:30 p.m.

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