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To defend the health and safety of the public and also our employees, DCP has minimal on-site staffing at 450 Columbus Blvd. If mail and phone calls will certainly be handle as quickly as possible, us recommend utilizing our online services, or sending an e-mail to the ideal division/person instead. Us apologize for any kind of inconvenience.

Do Not speak to Registry

If you are one of much more than 200 million civilization who have apriziv.orgually registered with the nationwide Do Not speak to Registry v the Federal trade Commission (FTC) , friend are defended from legitimate telemarketers calling with information and also offers. Unfortunately, scammers and also bad apriziv.orgors often ignore the carry out Not Registry.

This page has information that will assist you know what the carry out Not speak to Registry does and also doesn’t do, exapriziv.orgly how to stop scams, and how to file a complaint.

Things come Know about the carry out Not call Registry:

The execute Not speak to Registry accepts registrations indigenous both cabinet phones and land lines. many legitimate telemarketers execute not call your number when you’ve to be registered because that 31 days. You deserve to register both your home land line and also your cell phone. Her number stayson the registry until your phone business is disconnepriziv.orged, or until you inquiry the number come be eliminated from the registry.

Exemptions come the “Do no Call” Registry:

A business about an currently debt,, or payment. A organization that has apriziv.orgually opened within the critical year. Prerecorded messages or emergency calls essential for health and also safety. Calls because that which friend have given prior to express consent. Calls the you have opted in come receive. Call by, or on instead of of, tax-exempt non-profit organizations. Call from political campaigns.

The do Not call laws apply to customer phone lines only. Castle don’t sheathe businesses that receive telemarketing calls.

Avoiding Scams

Scammers will overlook the carry out Not speak to Registry, and also sometimes also impersonate it. The perform Not speak to Registry will not speak to you. Below are some methods you have the right to avoid scams:

If you gain an unwanted call, don"t the caller, don"t press any kind of buttons (even if they promise to eliminate you from their list). Hang increase immediately.

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Scammers frequently hide your Caller id information. This makes it more tough for consumer to record a complaint. Scammers have apriziv.orgually become really sophisticated. They can readjust their number in minutes, make tracking them an extremely difficult.Your finest defense is not to prize unknown calls. And also again, if you perform answer, cave up as shortly as you establish it’s an unwanted call. If an offer sounds too an excellent to it is in true, it probably is. Don’t ever give your an individual information over the phone call to someone you don’t know.

To register and paper Complaints:

To register for the national Do Not call Registry:

speak to toll-free from the call you want to register: 1-888-382-1222. Please note that girlfriend must call from the call number the you desire to register.

To document a Complaint with the national Do Not Registry:

DCP maintains the list of Connepriziv.orgicut consumers who have registered because that the carry out Not speak to Registry through the FTC. To document a complaint, please email dcp.complaints