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Image: LG
FuboTV, one of the finest over-the-top solutions for sports enthusiasts, is finally getting here on more recent LG smart TVs.

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While the application was already accessible on numerous set-top boxes like the apologize TV or Chromecast, it’s now obtainable on LG’s indigenous webOS communication on 2018–2021 smart TV models (including LG’s great OLEDs). That’ll give any kind of consumers with newer LG models the ability to access the service’s 100-plus sports and also entertainment channels directly from their sets, rather than having to rely on a third-party maker for access.

“Over 90 percent of FuboTV’s viewership is on the large screen and today’s launch on LG clever TVs increases FuboTV to even more smart and also connected TV platforms,” Mike Berkley, FuboTV’s chef product officer, told The Verge.

Starting in ~ $65 per month, FuboTV offers one that the many robust catalogs the sports-specific programming, despite it has plenty the entertainment and news channels peppered in as well. ESPN, ESPN 2, Olympic Channel, CBS sporting activities Network, huge Ten Network, Fox sporting activities 1, Fox sports 2, and also beIN Sports channels are amongst those accessible on the service’s basic tier.

But FuboTV really shines with its sport package add-ons, i m sorry offer more diversity in added sports networks than an in similar way priced live TV services favor Hulu with Live TV or YouTube TV. The said, regional sports networks are fairly limited, however that’s a persistent trouble that plagues virtually all OTT live streaming services — not just FuboTV.

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Users ~ above LG clever TVs will now be able to easily record an entire collection with a solitary click, customize their overview with your favorite channels, and add up to 6 user profiles, each of which will support personalized recommendations and also user-specific recordings.

Unfortunately, one of FuboTV’s best features, the MultiView device that supports up to four simultaneous channel streams at once, is still restricted to the apple TV, a spokesperson told The Verge. However hey, at the very least you’ll be able to use the application on your fancy LG OLED without the aid of a third-party box, stick, or dongle.