LL Cool J is one entertainment symbol who has actually found great success crossing into multiple mediums. A Kennedy center Honoree, two-time Grammy compensation winner, record artist, actor, author, NAACP photo Award winner, entrepreneur and philanthropist, LL continues to screen his wide selection of talents with every project. "I never might have predicted the I"d still it is in out right here rocking it an ext than two decades after mine debut, however here ns am," LL Cool J says with his trademark smile. Below he is indeed. 30 years since he first burst top top the scene, LL Cool J proceeds his vibrant, trailblazing career. LL Cool J began in the nascent, burgeoning rap and also hip hop scene of the 80"s, which emerged into the musical and social phenomenon that is today"s i know well hop. All the while, LL Cool J has remained a musical and cultural force, a life icon and a significant, appropriate artist still churning the end the hits. Very first introduced come the world in 1984 together a Def Jam records flagship artist, LL is the first rap artist come amass ten consecutive platinum-plus selling albums, in addition to 2004"s The definition and 2006"s Todd smith which both walk Gold. The multi-platinum artist and two-time Rock and Roll room of fame nominee is currently tied for third place for most Billboard chart debuts by a rapper. In 2008, LL released his critically acclaimed album exit 13, his accordingly titled 13th and also last album because that the just label he has called home - Def Jam Recordings. USA Today put it ideal when lock said, "He might be hitting the Exit, yet he is not easing increase on the gas. Continuing his musical exploration three years after he first released music, LL many recently released his critically-acclaimed 14th studio album, Authentic. Through this album, the multi-platinum artist returned to the studio and kicked the volume increase to create a an effective album that come from his true enthusiasm for music and would speak to his fans. LL scored his 13th Top-10 Album ~ above the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Chart through Authentic. In December 2017, LL ended up being the an initial rapper to earn the reputation Kennedy center Honor, i beg your pardon is America"s highest achievement for any performer and received his star top top the legendary Hollywood to walk of reputation January 21, 2016 for his accomplishment in music. Together an actor, LL Cool J has properly transitioned to among the consistently greatest rated reflects on television. He currently stars in the CBS fight primetime drama series, NCIS: Los Angeles, which premiered its ninth season ~ above Sunday, Oct 1. Lauded as among the most successful display launches ever, coming to be syndicated after only seven episodes, his power on the display has garnered that a NAACP picture Award four years in a row, indigenous 2011, 2014, and nominations in both 2015 and also 2016, because that his function of special Agent Sam Hanna. The display can now be viewed in more than 200 countries. He previously won one NAACP photo Award for superior Male Artist in 2003 and also hosted the show in 2007. Previously, LL had a dramatic and critically acclaimed performance on the second season premiere that FOX"s fight drama House. He additionally guest starred top top the NBC comedy 30 absent in a memorable performance as hip hop mogul Ridiculous. Over the years, LL has appeared in an ext than 30 films and also starred opposite acclaimed gibbs such as Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell in Sony images blockbuster S.W.A.T.; Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz in Oliver Stone"s any Given Sunday; and also Gabrielle Union in emphasis Features" provide Us native Eva. Other film credits incorporate Rollerball, Charlie"s Angels, Kingdom Come, In as well Deep, Toys, slow Burn with Ray Liotta and Eddison v Morgan Freeman. He also received a Blockbuster compensation for best comedic performance together the cook in Renny Harlin"s blockbuster action film Deep Blue Sea. He likewise starred in paramount Pictures" critical Holiday, the opposite Queen Latifah, which was lauded by fans and also critics alike and also proved to be a box office draw. That was most recently seen staring the contrary Academy Award-winner Robert De Niro in Grudge Match. LL can currently be seen hosting and also producing the Jimmy Fallon-executive developed show Lip Sync battle on Spike TV, which premiered April 2, 2015 as Spike TV"s most-watched initial program ever. The series, which will certainly premiere its 4th season in 2018, has actually amassed over half a billion video streams due to the fact that its launch. In 2017, the show earned its 2nd Emmy nomination in the category of impressive Structured truth Program. In November 2017, LL announced the he will certainly launch his own classic hip-hop channel ~ above SiriusXM, rock the Bells Radio. The channel, expected to beginning in early on 2018, will function a wide range of standard hip-hop content, music, interviews and also in-depth retrospectives curated and presented by LL. LL hosted the Grammy Awards for an unmatched five year in a row, because that which that earned rave reviews. He hosted and produced the Grammy Nominations Concert Live distinct for 7 years and also has additionally been a presenter in ~ the Emmy, gold Globe, and SAG Awards. Additionally an author, LL exit LL Cool J"s Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle in may 2010, the follow as much as his brand-new York times Bestseller LL Cool J"s Platinum Workout, which thorough the evolution of his workout philosophy and also secrets that have actually helped him accomplish his best goals not just in the gym, yet as one actor, businessman, and multi-platinum musician. In 2002 he released a children"s book, and the Winner Is, as component of Scholastics series of books and also CDs by today"s hottest laboratory stars referred to as Hip boy Hop. And also the Winner Is tells the story of a young basketball player who learns the prominence of winning and losing gracefully. He additionally penned a 1997 autobiography, i Make My own Rules. Expanding into the digital world, LL has likewise founded Boomdizzle Networks, i m sorry integrates patented collaborative an innovation with fix up digital marketing to adjust how music is recorded, distributed, and also shared all over the world. LL additionally recently partnered v Rouse Social, a society media aggregate app the brings all her favorites in music, entertainment and also sports to one place. LL has constantly been one avid philanthropist involved in numerous causes including proficiency for kids as well as music and also arts programs in schools.

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Celebrate its 13th Anniversary this year, LL"s charity Jump round which takes place every respectable in his hometown of Queens, brand-new York aims to give ago to his local neighborhood by providing a five-week athletic and also team building program devoted to pass wholesome funny to young people. LL Cool J, his wife, and also family at this time reside in both new York and Los Angeles.