Fuller House: Why man Stamos Is come Blame because that The Olsen Twins’ lack Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen turned under reprising Michelle in Fuller House, however as it transforms out, john Stamos is partially to blame for their decision.

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john Stamos is partially to blame because that Michelle"s absence in Fuller House, due to Mary-Kate and also Ashley Olsen"s decision to pass on the reunion project. In 2016, Netflix released the spin-off sequel come the lover "80s/"90s family sitcom, Full House. All the primary actors members that the original present came back to reprise their respective roles, but the youngest Tanner sisters was nowhere to be found after Fuller House failure to to convince the Olsen twins to sign up with the show.

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Essentially copying Full House"s premise, Fuller House focused on the recently widowed DJ, who"s left to raise 3 young youngsters of she own. Stephanie and Kimmy relocated in through her in the iconic san Francisco house, and also together, they make up a non-traditional however loving family. Kimmy, the Tanners" long-time neighbor, became a lead character in the sequel, successfully taking over Michelle"s would-be spot, with the explanation the the youngest sisters was now based in new York running a fashion empire. Michelle was a major draw in the original Full House, and also not see Danny"s youngest daughter transparent Fuller House"s five-year run was certainly disappointing.

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Leading up to Fuller House"s release, there were contradicting reports about whether or no the Olsens would certainly partake in the Netflix project. In the end, castle didn"t — although the present reportedly had actually tried to to convince them to appear in the 2nd and 3rd seasons. The general consensus was that the Olsens had actually long retired from acting and also were not interested in returning to the sector for the spin-off show. But as it turns out, castle could"ve been convinced to join had the creatives behind Fuller House approached them differently. In one interview with THR, Stamos, who additionally produced the sitcom, admitted that rather of going v their agent for official talks, the should"ve simply reached out to castle personally. Additionally, the would"ve additionally prevented your public conflict after Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen asserted that castle were never asked to carry out the series. Eventually, he obtained a host of Mary-Kate who was considering the opportunity of partaking, however she wanted Stamos to also reach out to Ashley, who was much more hesitant about the idea. Unfortunately, that didn"t seize the opportunity and whatever fell apart.

that course, there"s no guarantee the Stamos reaching out come Ashley would"ve resulted in the twins" decision to join Fuller House. Even if they did agree, other factors such as scheduling might have prevent them indigenous appearing. The being said, it"s reasonable come think that Stamos directly talking to them prior to the collection premiered can have do a huge difference. However, if Stamos or anyone native the cast and crew the Fuller House attempted come reach out to lock again after ~ Fuller House season 1, it would be understandable if the Olsens had lost interest. Because that starters, critics" reviews to be mixed, despite the sitcom gift an instant hit on Netflix. Additionally, the few meta-jokes around Michelle were, frankly, done in bad taste and might have even been offensive.

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The main Full House cast continues to case that they have nothing yet love for Mary-Kate and also Ashley, and that they"re disappointed the the pair didn"t join Fuller House. However knowing about what really taken place behind-the-scenes, at least according come Stamos, there could"ve been a means for either one or both of castle to it is in on the sequel. For this reason it"s a little bit unfair that Michelle"s absence in the show has generally been blamed top top the Olsens considering exactly how the situation was taken on overall.