full House: 10 things That Haven't age Well full House might be one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, yet everywhere girlfriend look, you"ll uncover some storylines that are pretty offensive.

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Airing indigenous 1987 come 1995, Full House remains one of the many beloved sitcoms of all time, also over 30 year after it premiered. Chronicling the stays of the prolonged Tanner-Katsopolis-Gladstone family, and also the crazy adventures they all gain up come while life under one very, an extremely crowded roof, the series is still beloved because that its healthy messaging and also cheesy cutesy humor.

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With the likes of man Stamos, Bob Saget, and also the Olsen twins bolstering that is cast, the collection went ~ above to be a fight in its initial run, yet has ostensibly end up being even a bigger hit in the years of reruns and streaming. But as a result of being end 30 year old now, the series is complete of storylines that never would have made it come air today. We look in ~ 10 that them.

DJ and Sylvio in complete House
Jesse"s Greek background is just one of the qualities the show refers come most generally for his character"s arc. However when it involves representing Greek culture as a whole, the few times the present does so room steeped in pretty stereotypical, outdated traits.

Take, for example, the season 4 episode "Greek Week." DJ quickly develops a common crush on visiting Greek boy, Sylvio, who asks DJ, every one of 13 year old in ~ the time, to go for a walk around the kitchen table v him. In this simplified, stereotypical scenario, DJ and also Sylvio wind up married... As if that"s exactly how Greek marital relationships actually happen, and as if that"s a healthy and balanced storyline to depict for a 13-year-old.

Michelle Tanner pretending to it is in a boy in complete House
gift a product that the 1980s and 1990s sitcom world, it"s unsurprising that Full House doesn"t precisely have the ideal handle on facility gender relationships. But that doesn"t make it any kind of less disappointing. Various times transparent the series, the reality that the men in relationships have to be the ones "in charge" through macho stereotypes is typically discussed.

Additionally, there room two episodes in the series,"Just among the Guys" and "Girls will certainly Be Boys," that find both DJ and also Michelle trying to act more like guys to have the ability to fit in. It"s disheartening, even if the ultimate messages average well.

Underage drink in full House
It"s no mystery that teens challenge unbelievable amounts of push to grow up much faster than they"re claimed to. It"s additionally no secret that Full House came around in the age of "Very unique Episodes," for this reason it"s a offered that the collection would tackle problems of peer pressure.

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But the means the series does therefore is very uncomfortable, after all these years. A so late in the series episode finds Kimmy getting fully blackout drunk at a party and also voicing she desire to journey herself home. And an early episode in the series" operation finds DJ, just in center school at the time, accosted by guys at a party who want her come drink.

7 Walter, likewise known together Duckface

Stephanie Tanner and also Walter Duckface in full House
Going along with the article of the really Special Episode, Full House takes on the topic of bullying multiple times throughout that eight season run. Yet one the the instances many poorly assumed out and truly mean-spirited come in the case of poor small Walter, who is called Duckface as result of the method he purses his lips after speaking.

It"s a truly hurtful episode, and also it find not just Stephanie engaging in bullying behavior, but likewise Jesse showing on being a bully during his very own youth. No one comes the end of the illustration looking good, also if Walter winds increase being integrated into Stephanie"s friendship team afterwards.

Sitcoms for sure introduce personalities who are romantically interested in the main characters, come the main characters" horror, far more frequently 보다 they don"t. But Full House had actually a real, pervasive problem with the characters it presented to to fill these roles.

Almost every one of them to be older women, who might easily be demeaned as cougars, that expressed aggressive, sexualized attention in the key male characters. Mrs. Carruthers sexually harassed Joey for seasons on end, and also Jesse found himself ~ above the finish of more than a couple of wandering eyes and also hands, including while filming the IQ guy commercial.

5 The therapy of Kimmy Gibbler

Kimmy Gibbler can not have been the many likable personality in the series... Or the sharpest device in the shed. However there"s yes, really no excuse for the way the display treated her character. Or for the method that the three grown men routinely bullied and also embarrassed her whenever lock could.

It"s one thing for Stephanie and Kimmy to it is in odds at each other; small sisters and big sisters" best friends space a perfectly fairly matched duo. But to have three guys in their 20s and also 30s consistently make funny of a preteen and also teenage girl is just mean-spirited, and also definitely hasn"t aged well.

Sitcoms clearly exist in a heightened fact to the one we live in. But that still doesn"t make few of the storylines they take on any type of less offensive and dangerous. Take, because that example, the completely ridiculous illustration "Honey, I broke The House."

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In this episode, Stephanie somehow it s okay behind the wheel that Joey"s car and backs her method through the Tanner family members home"s kitchen window. Stephanie might have been truly pains in this process, and also even if the moral of the episode winds up being the she"s far much more important and an useful than noþeles that might be addressed with money, it"s tho a dangerous case to depict on television.

3 attack depictions of psychological illness

Full House look at delights in making fun of quirky or stereotypically nerdy characters. Yet in the case of Danny Tanner, the jokes made in ~ his expense travel into entirely harmful territory, specifically when it pertains to his obsession through cleanliness and order.

Danny is plainly exhibiting indications of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) transparent the series, however his behavior is constantly used as a punchline, some of which room far an ext mean-spirited than others. Whether it requires him being referred to as a neat freak or, in one devilish episode, "a psycho with a dust mop," Danny is never offered the treatment or concern he deserves in this regard.

seasons after the previously discussed "Greek Week" fiasco, Full House"s stereotyping that Greeks continues to present its age. ~ the tragic death of the lover Papouli, the series introduces Jesse"s cousin, Stavros, that seemingly embodies every feasible stereotype imaginable.

Stavros is slimy, greasy, conniving, scheming, flirtatious, lazy, and also thieving. Man Stamos bring away on the role in a twin performance, and from Stavros"s hooked nose to his lecherous laugh, it"s difficult to imagine exactly how this character also got off the drawing board.

1 DJ"s one episode eating disorder

Full House, as a sitcom aimed in ~ children and families alike, had to take on lot of of important problems as the an outcome of being conversation product for families. Yet the perils of the "Very one-of-a-kind Episode" format include the reality that the storylines tackled in one diverted episode space never issues that could receive so little focus in real life.

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Take, for example, DJ"s short eating disorder. She stops eating, maintain herself just on ice cream cubes, and almost passes the end while functioning out in the gym. Yet by the finish of the episode, every is fine and an excellent again, and she"s comfortable v herself. Eat disorders space far much more serious 보다 this illustration depicts them come be, and also the reductionist treatment is honestly rather offensive.