Characters Michelle, Stephanie, and DJ Tanner thrived up in san Francisco. When it comes to where the cast of Full House tape-recorded episodes, though, the cast members to be actually located in a different part of California.

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Here’s what we know around the just episode of this sitcom the was shoot in san Francisco.


‘Full House’ Episode titled ‘Play the Again, Jess’ | Walt Disney tv via Getty pictures Photo Archives/Walt Disney tv via Getty Images

‘Full House’ takes ar in san Francisco, although many episodes no filmed there

It’s a pretty big family, yet there’s a lot of love. Fans an initial met the Tanners with the 1980s series, full House. There, one reporter, called Danny Tanner, forced the help of his two finest friends come raise his 3 daughters after ~ the death of his wife.

The family members was based in san Francisco, with the girls going to school there and also growing up in the same household home. Lock even embraced a dog that was born in their house — the girls called him Comet.

For number of episodes, the Tanners also traveled to other destinations for filming. 2 episodes took ar in Walt Disney world in Orlando, Florida. Because that one family vacation, the Tanners even traveled come Hawaii.

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Comet shows up in numerous episodes of ‘Full House’

When it concerns the filming ar of the sitcom, however, these actors members weren’t in reality based in san Fransisco. According to rob on Location, “Full House to be filmed at Warner brothers Studios in Burbank native 1987 come 1995.”

The just episode filmed in san Francisco was season 8’s premiere, title “Comet’s wonderful Adventure.” In it, Uncle Jesse provided Michelle permission to walk Comet by herself, even though Danny claimed no due to the fact that of her size. After ~ Comet gets distracted by a warm dog truck, he runs away native Michelle.

The rest of the family embarks top top a san Fransisco-themed adventure to try and gain their dog back. They eventually do, through Comet return for number of episodes the this sitcom. He to be there when Jesse and also Joey needed impetus for your jingles and he to be there once Stephanie to be sad.

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The Tanners embrace another dog in the Netflix series, ‘Fuller House’

The Full House house, however, the one featured in the location sequence, is situated in san Francisco. Currently a few decades due to the fact that the premiere the this series, it has undergone numerous renovations but has even come to be a tourist attraction for fans the the sitcom.

Although Comet did not make a reappearance for the Netflix spinoff, Fuller House, the Tanners adopted another dog who was a straight descendant that Comet. Technically, the dog became Max Fuller’s responsibility, with the character naming the dog Cosmo.

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Most episodes of Full House, some also featuring Comet, are accessible for streaming on Hulu. All 5 seasons of the Netflix original spinoff series, Fuller House, are obtainable on the streaming platform, Netflix.