Pre-Credits Gag: DJ tries to perform her homework however Michelle come in and also interrupts her, but who cares about that? inspect out DJ’s ancient computer!

Jesse is laying under some funky beats on his synthesizer as soon as Michelle and also Teddy come right into his studio and interrupt him. He offers them a demonstrate of just how his equipment works and then castle really want to try it out. He defines that the devices is yes, really expensive and also it wouldn’t it is in fair to either Becky or Danny, who surely had actually to pay because that it all, to let some little kids fuck about with it.

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Teddy and also Michelle tell Jesse that he shouldn’t be working since it’s Saturday however he claims that he’s walking to follow the advice that the “good” Uncle Jesse and do some actual work for the an initial time in his life. Around 2 secs later, the children convince him to go upstairs and eat ice cream cream, due to the fact that even the good Uncle Jesse has actually no job-related ethic.

Meanwhile, DJ tells Stephanie and also Kimmie Gibbler the she’s hella ailing of castle fighting all the time, so she locks the 3 of them in she room and also says the nobody’s leaving till they occupational that shit out.

Joey comes below all singing and jovial due to the fact that he’s to be banging Danny’s sister due to the fact that last episode. Danny’s sister, Wendy, shows up at the door to satisfy Joey for a rigorous day of exercise, i m sorry is daunting for Joey because he’s all doughy and worthless. She tells him around the collection of 20 mile bike rides they’re about to go on and also Joey appears pretty unenthused yet Wendy describes that she’s already giving up many of her ethics by going out with him for this reason he should at least build some degree of physical fitness.

Michelle sneaks right into Jesse’s recording studio as soon as no one’s around and is confronted by hallucinations that her great and angry self. The succession is really stilted and also poorly edited together and they yes, really don’t acquire much usage out the two different actresses play Michelle because there room three different representations of she in the scene, for this reason there’s always at least one of lock that’s really poorly superimposed. It also doesn’t assist much the the Olsen twins space fucking devastating actresses. If castle can’t even do a halfway decent project of playing a regular small kid, why walk they even try to get them to carry out something else? Michelle’s good side dresses prefer a hippy and tells her not to do poor things and the angry one costume like tiny Steven native the E Street band and also acts prefer a condescending asshole, i beg your pardon isn’t really really much different from just how Michelle acts most of the time anyway. Unsurprisingly, angry prevails and Michelle starts fucking approximately with Jesse’s equipment.

Jesse’s captures her fucking approximately with all of the expensive devices that one of two people his mam or brother-in-law bought because that him and he it s okay super pissed. Danny overhears the kerfuffle and also Jesse speak him that Michelle to be fucking v his shit. The dads great Michelle and also she simply sort of sits there v a complete lack that remorse ~ above her confront while she makes wisecracks, then she calls Jesse “Uncle Tattletale” and makes him feeling guilty. Seriously, exactly how was this kid even able to imagine a manifestation the her great side? She clearly has no morals whatsoever.

After being sent out to her room, Michelle has a tiny pity party with the dog. Is it me or walk they acquire this dog entirely so the girls can complain to him when they’re feeling upset? Stephanie cries all over him choose every various other episode. Anyway, Michelle’s inexpensively superimposed apparitions reappear come deliver an ext stilted dialogue and also the angry one convinces her to operation away native home.

The following scene opens up with Teddy enjoying a wholesome video game of monopoly at house with his family. His sisters is play by his actual life sister, who’s among the sisters from Sister, Sister. I’m not sure which one. Anyway, Michelle come over and also asks if she have the right to live there and also Teddy’s parents seem quite ok v it.

Continuing when again the thread of Jesse and also Becky being the most boring parents of all time, lock film among the babies eat his first solid food. Jesse has a hard time refraining from pointing the camera in ~ himself, i m sorry seems like a nice obnoxious thing to do until you have to watch a bunch of poisonous close-ups the the infant trying come eat mashed increase bananas.

Danny comes downstairs and is all concerned because he can’t find Michelle. About 5 secs later, Teddy’s parental call and also tell him that she’s end there and then, as Danny prepares come go choose her up, Jesse tells him the he has a great idea about how to take care of the situation.

DJ forces Stephanie and Kimmie Gibbler to discover some usual ground and also they ultimately bond over complaining about what a ache in the ass DJ is.

Jesse and also Danny arrive at Teddy’s house and also put up a front around how they’ve welcomed that she’s going to be life at Teddy’s residence now. Their ploy works nearly instantly and also Michelle begs them to let she come ago home.

Back in ~ the full house, Jesse has a very special talk v Michelle about how dangerous that is to operation away from home. The music comes on as he tells her that it’s necessary to follow the rules and then they call each various other that castle love one another and also then, hugs.

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In the final moments the the episode, Michelle is left alone and revisited by both of her hallucinations. I’m not sure if this is the start of a recurring subplot about her going crazy or not.