If you’ve watched Full steel Jacket, climate you most likely recall the scene where exclusive Leonard “Gomer Pyle” Lawrence snaps, killing his tormentor, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, and also then himself. The film then segues to 1968, wherein “Joker” and also “Cowboy” are both sergeants — as if the incident had actually no result on your careers.

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At the time complete Metal coat was acquisition place, drill instructors favor this one would have been supervised by officers.

(U.S. Marine Corps)

It would not have gone down that way. To placed it mildly, the killing of Gunny Hartman is most likely merciful finish when compared to the hell the would record in the wake of such an incident. A murder-suicide choose that would, in all likelihood, absent the entire Marine Corps.


NCIS agents – the real-life version of Leroy Jethro Gibbs – would certainly be investigating the murder-suicide,

(Photo by bill Wheatley)

Immediately after the catastrophic event, both the marine Criminal Investigative Service and also the joined States maritime Corps Criminal Investigation department would move in to inspection what happened. Joker, Cowboy, and also everyone in the recruitment platoon would be extensively interrogated. The “blanket party” would certainly come back to haunt lock — they’d gain non-judicial punishment together a best-case scenario. Worst-case scenario could involve courts-martial, favor the one in A few Good Men, and also a potential because that dishonorable discharges.


Brig. Gen. Austin E. Renforth’s counterpart in complete Metal coat would likely see his career hit a dead finish in the wake of the Hartman-Lawrence murder-suicide.

(U.S. Naval Corps)

But it doesn’t avoid there. The naval Inspector General’s office would certainly come in and start asking a lot of questions — not just of the Marines in the platoon, yet of the whole chain the command at Parris Island. If friend think the recruits had actually it bad, well, few of the police officers would likely see your careers end.

The Navy’s referee Advocate general Corps would more than likely be conducting a many court-martials in the wake of the Hartman-Lawrence murder-suicide.

(U.S. Navy)

In the wake the 1956 Ribbon Creek incident, in which a DI obtained six recruits killed throughout night march through a swamp, officers were compelled to an ext closely supervise recruitment training. The DI was court-martialed and also charged v negligent homicide.

In the wake up of an occurrence like the one illustrated in Full steel Jacket, the happy ones would obtain relieved and also receive letter of admonition or reprimand and also would close out their careers long enough to get retirement. Ominous ones would confront the “up or out” realities of promotion. And also the really ominous ones would get court-martialed.

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In short, the Hartman-Lawrence occurrence would reason a ton the havoc. The case would have actually spawned media headlines, and also Pyle’s fellow recruits would more than likely be infamous among their fellow Marines – if lock hadn’t already been booted out.