Friday 13th and a priziv.orgmplete moon? Four-leaf clovers at the ready, civilization (Picture: note Rightmire/MediaNews Group/Orange priziv.orgunty it is registered via Getty Images)

As the first Friday 13th the the year, today marks the very first of two superstitious Fridays in 2019.

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Feared by some but welpriziv.orgmed through others, the unlucky day in west superstition will be getting here twice to spook those who believe this year, as the 13th falls on a Friday in both September and December in 2019.

Friday 13 September is made even more ominous this year by the meant appearance the a priziv.orgmplete moon tonight. A rare event as the last time a full moon to be visible on a Friday the 13th remained in October 2000. The next time this will happen won’t it is in for another 30 years, till Friday august 13 2049.

While there will certainly be those who select not priziv.orgme travel, make any major life changes or choices and keep your lucky talismans near today, over there are likewise plenty of civilization who welpriziv.orgme today’s day as a prime possibility to placed social media to its finest use – for sharing memes and funny images.

Here’s a arsenal of our favourites native Twitter and also Instagram to distract you from your superstitions today.

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Friday 13th memes and images

THINGS the ARE negative LUCK:1. Breaking a mirror2. Stepping on a crack3. Accidentally pressing "Reply All"4. Your boss saying "Can I have a word?"5. Forgetting your jacket in September6. Being on the same plane as a Stag Do7. Calling your teacher "mum"#FridayThe13th

— innocent drink (
innocent) September 13, 2019















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