FULTON COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — One man is dead after ~ a auto crashed just west of county 19 Highway at an early stage Saturday, April 17.

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According to a push release top top the Fulton county Sheriff’s on facebook page, Fulton ar Deputies responded to the crash about 12:28 a.m.

The Sheriff’s Office’s early investigation identified that Timothy J. Uryasz, that rural Canton, ended up being airborne over a creek after ~ driving a 2016 Chevrolet turn off the roadway, and also crashed into an embankment.

Uryasz was the just occupant that the vehicle, and also was pronounced dead at the step by Fulton county Coroner Steve Hines.

Fairview Fire and also Rescue, Fulton ar Ambulance, Canton Fire Dept, and Fulton ar Coroner’s Office all responded come the crash.

This story will be updated when more information i do not care available.

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