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The background of the Moon

Let’s take a look at the background of the moon.

The Moon is about 4.5 billion years old and also is the only natural satellite in our Solar System.

The moon formed about 30–50 million years after the earth formed.

The moon came about when a large object fight the Earth and blasted the end rocks the all came together and also orbited ring the Earth.

Eventually they every melted together choose in a huge heated pot, cooled down and became the Moon.


For an additional 500 million years pieces of rock maintained striking versus the surface ar of the Moon.

You have the right to see the surface ar of the Moon by utilizing a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.The Moon’s surface reflects the damage caused by these large pieces of absent hitting the billions of years ago.

The surface ar is extended in craters, pits and also scars.

The very first man come make proper maps that the moon to be Galileo. He didn’t create the telescope but by 1609 the had emerged a telescope that might magnify objects as much as 20 times.

It was through this that he began to study that amazing moon. Glad he walk so that we know all this cool stuff and also it to be the start of the telescope together we understand it today.


In the 1950’s the USA taken into consideration detonating anuclear bomb ~ above the Moon. What? It to be a super-secret task that more than likely only spies knew about.

It was at the heights of the cold war and was well-known as “A study of Lunar study Flights” or “Project A119″ and also it was intended to display their strength once they to be falling a bit behind in the large space race.

Luckily the didn’t happen!


The very first spacecraft to reach the Moon was Luna 1in 1959 which to be a Soviet craft introduced by the USSR.

It didn’t land top top the moon however passed in ~ 3,725 miles (5,995) kilometers the the surface of the moon before going into orbit about the sun.

The factor we have the right to still watch this damages is the the Moon has actually no atmosphere, for this reason we can still view what occurred billions of year ago. Cool huh!

It’s not regularly we obtain to check out stuff that happened so lengthy ago, and also that’s tho there. Obtain out those binoculars and have a look.


The very first manned Moon landing was in 1969 native the famed NASA Apollo 11 mission.

The very first Man onthe Moon!

Ever heard of Neil Armstrong? fine in situation you haven’t, he to be the very an initial person, to put his footsteps ~ above the moon, isn’t the amazing!

He stepped the end of his spacecraft, the Eagle, top top 21 July 1969 and said these an extremely famous words:

“That’s one tiny step because that man, one large leap for mankind”.


How the Moon Works

We mentioned currently that the Moon is the earth’s only organic satellite. This is as soon as a room body orbits a planet, a planet-like object, or anasteroid.

It is the fifth largest moon in theSolar System.

The average distance from the Moon come the planet is 238,857miles (384,403kilometers).

If you had actually to journey from the moon come the earth at 65 mph(just over 100kph) it would certainly take friend 3,674 hours to acquire there, or 153 work driving non-stop 24 hours a day.

That would certainly be rather some trip. Guess you will do be asking her parents many, numerous times about whether you’re there yet.


The moon very likely has avery little corewhich is only about 1 come 2 percent that the moon’s mass and roughly 420 miles (680 km) wide.

It probably is composed mostly the iron, however may additionally contain huge amounts that sulfur and also other elements.

Its rocky mantle is around 825 miles (1,330 km) thick and made increase of dense rocks rich in iron and also magnesium.

The Moon goes ring the planet every 27.3 days. Seems kind the strange when we watch light during the day and also dark at night.

Dark side of The Moon

But did you know you can constantly only watch one side of the moon; the various other side is constantly turned far from us? The Moon revolves top top its axis in around the same length of time the takes to orbit the Earth.

What this method is that from planet we will certainly only ever before see around 60% the its surface. That’s no a lot at all. Periodically it appears as if we can see the all, yet we in reality can’t.

The side the we can see from earth is dubbed the close to side if the various other side is called the far side.

Some civilization call it the dark side, however that’s actually not correct, as the sunlight is shining on that brightly top top the various other side.


The much side the the Moon looks very different to the near side and this is because it no have ancient pools of solidified lava, i beg your pardon is actually called maria.

Now we relocate onto waning. And this is simply the the contrary of waxing…this method the moon is getting smaller.

This is the 3rd quarter and also what happens is the it takes united state from a full moon come a fifty percent moon again, but now the is the appropriate hand side of the moon that is shining.

The 3rd quarter takes us from a complete moon to a fifty percent moon again, however this time it is the right hand next of the moon the shines.

Now we move onto the last quarter which is the waning crescent Moon.

Now the fifty percent moon i do not care a crescent shape again. Amazing stuff.


So friend must recognize that we acquire two tides on ours beaches. However did you know that this is brought about by the Moon?

There are two bulges in the Earth due to the gravitational pull from the Moon.

One is ~ above the side encountering the Moon, and also the various other on the opposite next that deals with away from the Moon.

The bulges move roughly the seas as the earth rotates, and causes high and low tides roughly the world.

Gravity on planet is lot stronger 보다 that top top the Moon which is why astronauts have to wear every that an are gear as they deserve to just rise away.

The heaviness on the moon is only about 1/5 when compared to the earth.

At least we understand we’re no going to float away!


The Moon is progressively moving away from planet at around 3.8 cm every year. Doesn’t it like us anymore?

Well, scientists say the will save on moving away for around 50 billion years.

By the moment that happens, the Moon will take approximately 47 days come orbit the planet instead that the existing 27.3 days.

Apparently once that happens, the Earth and also the Moon will certainly be tidally locked to each various other – it will look prefer the Moon is constantly in the very same spot.

In our post on the Sun, us spoke about the truth that the Sun might be a bit greedy and also eat up the Moon in around 5 exchange rate years, for this reason this might not take place anyway.

The Sizeof The Moon

The Moon is lot smaller than the Earth, and also its diameter is simply 2,159 mile (3,476 kilometers).

When us compare this come the planet you will see exactly how much smaller sized it is.

The diameter of the earth is 7,917 miles (12, 742 kilometers). The Moon would fit right into the Earth nearly 4 times!


The late on optimal averages around 42 miles (70 km) deep. The outermost part of the tardy is broken and jumbled as result of all the huge knocks it has had.

The Moon is airless, waterless and also lifeless.

The earth has a lot bigger surface than the Moon and also was additionally hit bydebris many years ago.

But due to the fact that we’ve got wind and rain from our atmosphere, i m sorry the moon doesn’t have, many of the debris has actually disappeared into thin air.

If you look at the Moon when it is almost full, you deserve to see the dark areas and these are known as seas.

They’ve all obtained Latin names, so offer pronouncing them a try.

One that the seas is Mare Serenitatis, which means the Sea the Serenity, and also there is Mare Frigoris, the Sea the Cold.

But even though they’re referred to as seas they in reality aren’t, they’re substantial areas that dark lava.

Why would they speak to it a sea climate if the wasn’t? Hmmm, something to think about.


All parts of the Moon are lit by the sun at various times.

We understand it rotates round the Earth and also as it does this us see various parts that the sunlit half.

These are recognized as the phases of the Moon, or lunar phases.

You deserve to sometimes see a slim crescent and also then ultimately a full moon in one month; fine it’s actually 29 days which is a lunar month. Hey they’ve got different months come us!

Ever heard that a waxing moon? fine it actually way that the growing.

Once you’ve seen the brand-new moon in the sky, i m sorry is tiny little sliver of light, the moon is waxing.

It climate grows into a crescent, and then right into a fifty percent moon.

It takes a week for this to happen and also it’s called the Moon’s first quarter. Exciting stuff.

Gibbous Moon

Now for part more large words. Next comes the waxing of gibbous Moon.

‘Gibbous’ way humped and also is provided to describe the form of the moon together it’s growing from a half to a complete moon.

This is dubbed the second quarter and just like the very first quarter that takes a week.

You’re going to have to spend a pair of nights exterior to study what walk on v this fascinating satellite.

When the Moon is a crescent and only the crescent is being lit up by the Sun, girlfriend can regularly see the shadow of the rest of the Moon.

This is indigenous a reflection of sunlight from the Earth. Who would have thought?

It is sometimes called “the old moon in the brand-new moon’s arms”.Cool, quite prefer that name.

Other exciting Moon Facts

Did you understand there to be a tall mountain on the Moon? well there is and also it’s referred to as Mons Huygens.

It is almost 3 miles (4700 meters) tall. That’s just over fifty percent the elevation of mountain Everest at simply over 5 mile (8848 meters). Wow.

This is one large number! The Moon weight 73,476,730,924,573,500 million kilograms 161,988,463,175,810,240 pounds.


That is just so hefty it’s unbelievable. The planet is only 0.0123 times the weight, therefore much, much lighter!

The temperature the the moon transforms all the time and also goes native -451 degrees Fahrenheit (-233 levels Celsius) to 253 degrees Fahrenheit (123 levels Celsius).

Wow, one minute you’ll be freezing off your toes, the next minute you will do it be burn up!

If you’re on the Moon you will do it be lot lighter, so this is the place to walk if you desire to feel favor you’re weightless.

You’ll weigh around one sixth of her weight on Earth. Supervisor skinny you’ll be.

That’s why astronauts could leap and bound for this reason high in the air.

Walking onThe Moon

The Moon has only been walked on through 12 people; all American men.

The first man to set foot on the Moon in 1969 to be Neil Armstrong, when the last man to go on the Moon in 1972 to be Gene Cernan top top the Apollo 17 mission.

Since then, the Moon has only been went to by unmanned vehicles.


Just imagine, if you weighed 100 kg top top Earth, you would certainly feel choose you only weighed 17 kg once you were on the Moon.

You would have the ability to jump 6 time further and carry objects 6 times as heavy.

In fact, if you had actually wings attached to her arms, you can even fly about inside a dome ~ above the Moon simply from her muscle power. Cool. What a ar to visit.

The Moon has actually quakes, as soon as it’s time for united state to walk visit, us had far better be careful when we go! this are brought about by the gravitational pull of the Earth.

Astronauts uncovered that small moon quakes occurred several kilometers beneath the surface, which resulted in ruptures and cracks similar to earthquakes ~ above Earth.

Scientists in reality think the Moon has a molten core, just like Earth.


Think all the moon objectives are over? well they’re not. NASA wants to return astronauts to the moon and collection up a permanent room station.

It would be so amazing to go and also have a look at that.

If all goes to plan, mankind could be placing their feet top top the moon again in 2019 (well of food with room boots on!).

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And one critical cool fact. Go you know that over there is no wind ~ above the moon, so every those footsteps will remain there forever – unless of course someone else stands on them!

It’s like having actually your foot actors in rock there forever!

Wow, the moon is one an extremely interesting place.

Hope girlfriend learned part cool facts to share! carry out you know anything else about the moon?


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