It’s time to obtain out your stars and stripes – it’s Flag Day! June 14, 1777, is the day that conference officially chose the style for our flag, and also Americans have actually been pledging your allegiance come it ever before since. When you’ll only acquire the job off work-related if you live in Pennsylvania, the state wherein the flag originated, the holiday’s history and an interpretation are essential to know. Even if it is you’re reading this ~ above Flag day or any other day, this facts space fun sufficient to find out all year long.


1. Betsy Ross might not it is in the flag’s genuine designer

Betsy Ross is frequently cited together the designer the the an initial American Flag, yet we have little evidence to support that claim. Her grandson presented statements by his own household in 1870, but beyond that, there’s no proof. Some chroniclers want to carry the credit to Francis Hopkinson, that was called as the flag’s designer in journals from the continent Congress.

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2. The celebration of the flag was created by a teacher

In 1885, a 19-year-old teacher called Bernard J. CiGrand request his class to compose an essay top top the symbolism of our flag. He invested the adhering to half-century make the efforts to make Flag day a national holiday.


3. There have actually been 27 main versions that the American flag

On the American flag, the stripes represent the 13 initial colonies, when the stars represent each state. Because there weren’t constantly 50 states, over there weren’t always 50 stars. Every flag was similar, but with a different number of stars. If friend visit the Smithsonian’s national Museum of American History, you deserve to see the remnants of the 15-star, 15-stripe flag that inspired the national anthem.

4. The color of the flag have necessary meanings

Red, white and also blue were favored to represent, respectively, valor, liberty and also purity. The colors likewise have details names; “Old Glory Blue,” “Old Glory Red”, and white. Just plain white.

5. The existing version that the flag to be designed by a student

In 1949, 17-year-old Robert G. Heft produced an to update flag for a course project, and the bad kid only got a B-. Luckily, that didn’t dissuade him. He it is registered his idea to chairman Eisenhower once Alaska and also Hawaii acquired statehood. Ours of end 1500 submissions, his architecture was chosen.


6. The flag has actually rules that its own. Several them.

According to the U.S. Flag Code:

– The flag shouldn’t it is in flown in poor weather. – It have to be elevated briskly and also lowered ceremoniously. – No various other flags have to be placed over it. – when flags from two or an ext nations space flown, they should rest on separate poles in ~ the exact same height. Lock should also be about the same size. – It should be flown at every school and during all institution days. – If flown at night, the flag should be illuminated.– Flags have the right to be burned if they end up being damaged and can no longer be flown. – and many more.

7. You can’t authorize your surname on it

Despite what flag-signing politicians would have actually you believe, The Flag code strictly prohibits adding any markings or illustrations to the flag.

8. … or placed it on a t-shirt

Every 4th of July, half the country is decked out in stars and also stripes. Together it transforms out, we’re no really claimed to carry out that. The Flag code actually mentions that the Stars and also Stripes need to never be offered on clothing, bedding, or decorations. Considering exactly how much americans love our flag merch, that’s one ascendancy we’ll most likely keep breaking for a long, lengthy time.



9. Paris a flag upside down isn’t necessarily disrespectful

At least not in the way you’re thinking of. An upside-down flag isn’t normally a signal of protest, rather, it’s a signal of distress. Top top your next cruise, if you watch someone frantically waving one upside-down flag ~ above a surrounding island, he’s more than likely not a rebel. He’s stranded.

10. Burn a flag isn’t technically illegal

Historically, unlike paris a flag upside down, burn the flag was done as an act of protest. The Flag defense Act of 1968 made this illegal, however the act to be revoked twenty years later. The supreme Court ruled that the federal government couldn’t limit citizens’ first Amendment rights, making that legal to do whatever you desire to a flag with no legitimate consequences.

11. Indestructible flags exist

Historically, enemies of the United claims have shed or defaced our flag to do a statement. (That’s why messing v the flag is a really, really poor idea, also if it’s no illegal!) To safeguard defaced flags native being used as a propaganda device by enemies, a eco-friendly Beret veteran has designed one all however indestructible flag. Made out of kevlar and Nomex, the new materials certain the flag can’t be shed or torn while still enabling it to fly naturally. Here’s exactly how to order your Firebrand Flag today.



12. Using the American flag in burial ceremonies isn’t just for veterans

While draping the flag end the coffins of federal government officials and also veterans is usual practice, it’s no their exclusive right. Anyone can embrace this heritage if they like it!

13. Old Glory to be the nickname the a particular American flag 

We now refer to any type of ol’ flag as Old Glory, but that wasn’t constantly the case. It started with a sea captain called William Driver, who nicknamed the flag top top his delivery “Old Glory” when he observed it paris on his ship’s mast ago in 1831. It to be such a an excellent nickname that it stuck because that good.

14. After ~ 9/11 we hosted our flag a little closer

National tragedies are recognized for pass our country together. Follow to Karen Burke the Walmart’s corporate Communications, their stores offered 115,000 flags ~ above September 11, 2001, compared to only 6,400 flags in 2000. In the complying with year, they marketed a chuck 7.8 million united state flags- about triple the sales the the previous year.

15. There room 6 American flags top top the moon

…but just 5 are standing. End the food of countless moon expeditions, 6 US flags have been planted. The wind created by the landing and also takeoff that a shuttle, however, dislodged the initial flag inserted there by Neil Armstrong during the first-ever moon landing.

16. ‘Gilligan’s Island’ directors respected the flag.

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During the opening sequence the the first season of the show, the American flag is filmed in ~ half-staff. This was done to honor President Kennedy, that was assassinated the day the pilot episode was filmed.

You don’t need to walk to the moon to honor our flag. Kick off the Flag work festivities by learning just how to effectively fold a flag, learn more about that is history, or shot one of this tasty, patriotic treats!