There space a the majority of cool points Apple’s iPad Pro deserve to do that deserve to make you more productive, unleash your creativity, or simply wow your friends. This guide covers the cool points you deserve to do with iPad pro that may aid you justification the extra expense compared to a conventional iPad.

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The iPad pro can give a many of human being sticker-shock because it starts in ~ $799, a steep premium end the iPad waiting ($599) and standard iPad ($329). The iPad Pro deserve to do enough distinctive things to justification the price difference, especially for those that use it because that earning a living.

When the iPad Pro very first launched, one of the coolest things about it was that you might write top top it with the apologize Pencil. The iPad Pro has actually come a long means and now one that its coolest features that you can’t find on any kind of other iPad is that LiDAR sensor, which enables the iPad agree to see in 3D.

Apple’s iPad agree can absolutely serve together a primary computer for numerous people, particularly when merged with some of the premium equipment Apple and also third-party manufacturers offer. If you’re not fairly ready to actors your MacBook aside, the iPad Pro have the right to be offered to assist you acquire the many out of her computer.

Apple’s 2021 iPad pro launch video gives a glimpse that what the iPad Pro have the right to do. If you have actually an iPad Pro, yet primarily usage it to stream videos and also browse social media, then you’re absolutely making the most of it. Us hope this overview can assist you gain the many out of her iPad pro or help you decide if the iPad pro is best for you.

Recent iPad pro models have the right to do almost everything ~ above our list below. However, just the 2020 and also 2021 iPad pro models have the right to do anything including the LiDAR sensor.

The iPad agree starts at $799, however there space plenty of transaction that sell $150 discounts or more. Examine the latest iPad agree deals at finest Buy, Amazon, and B&H Photo.

What deserve to the iPad pro Do?

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The iPad Pro allows you to use 2 apps in ~ the same time, watch a video picture-in-picture while you browser the internet or job-related on something, take handwritten notes, scan documents, and much more.

Here’s a closer look in ~ the cool things the iPad Pro have the right to do, consisting of some you certainly don’t recognize about.

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Run two Apps in ~ the very same TimeUse as a display screen for your MacBook ProPlay A Movie picture in PictureScan DocumentsTake Notes v the apologize PencilDictate MessagesOpen Apps with SiriTurn ~ above Dark ModeDraw on her iPad ProEdit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel DocumentsSign DocumentsCopy and Paste From your iPhoneConvert Handwriting into TextWork on multiple Emails at OnceUse Home screen WidgetsConnect a Keyboard and Mouse for much more ProductivityConnect her iPad pro to a TVBrowse every one of Your FilesMake an epos Movie from her PhotosScan and Measure Your house in 3D

Click through listed below to learn much more about every of these points the iPad Pro deserve to do, and also to see exactly how you can do them on your iPad Pro.


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