now that Minecraft"s developer Mojang is a subsidiary of Microsoft, it opens up brand-new avenues because that a sequel. Return the thought has actually been entertained, it appears as if Microsoft has actually no plan to make the video game into a series. Instead, spin-off gamings like Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons have lugged on the Redstone torch. Still, there"s no shortage that fun points to accounting oneself v while playing.

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Minecraft is just one of the best-selling games of every time. Outside of mining and also building are perilous places like the Nether world and the End. In Survival, players have to forage to make it through an onslaught the mobs and starvation. For players who have actually logged many hours into the game already and seeking various other things come do—here are some amusing choices for those bored and also eager for new Minecraft experiences.

Updated July 30th, 2021 through Stephen LaGioia: The blocky sandbox epic recognized as Minecraft has remained timelessly entertaining for many gamers old and young. Date all the means back come its an ext humble Alpha roots over a te ago, the game has captivated players through its rewarding progression and also expansive, free-flowing gameplay.

This inert has ongoing largely thanks to a steady trickle of to update and added features since, leading every the way up to component one the the recent Caves & Cliffs release in June 2021. Ironically, when there remains a seemingly countless amount of things to do, gamers can uncover themselves overwhelmed or bored, search a new activity to mix points up. V this in mind, it seemed suitable to refreshing this list and also highlight even more fun points to do in Minecraft.

15 endeavor Out and Go Exploring

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Minecraft candle skeleton in cave
While countless enjoy the building and also mining aspects of Minecraft, the game frequently thrives when played an ext like a treacherous survive adventure. Make a allude to get prepared with some solid equipment and survival goods, and venture outward.

simply going top top a long hike for exploration or slaying baddies have the right to be thrilling, especially during the more hostile conditions of the night. It"s a great way to bump up the excitement and test one"s resolve. Not just this yet plenty that awesome brand-new landmasses deserve to be uncovered in this endlessly expanding world. Bring a compass or build a towering beacon together a framework of recommendation so getting lost isn"t one issue.

14 develop A Highway

Minecraft highway railroad to city scenery in distance via: (KEK_INC)
despite it can be a little tedious come some, the straightforward act of constructing a lengthy highway can be a great way to occupy oneself and help in exploration as well. Since there"s no shortage of cobblestone in Minecraft, settle on using that as the structure and gain to building. This can carry out a central focus for a time and act as a handy navigation tool. Railroads can be built on the surface for faster navigation.

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A tall enough highway have the right to also double as a wall to ward off unwanted foes and bar them indigenous a city or safe area.

13 make A Farm

Minecraft Potato Farm
despite this component of the video game isn"t rather as thorough as the likes of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, an overlooked part of this sandbox is the capacity to plant seed within that is sands and also dirt. One can produce a farm and also harvest a bounty of plants with just a handful of basic steps.

produce a fenced-in region of about 20-40 blocks, then dig numerous rows that will certainly act as water canals. ~ these are filled through water, use a hoe to it rotates the dirt, and right-click on the tilled floor while stop seeds. Bone meal deserve to speed up this action. Harvest the crops by left-clicking through the hoe, and collect the bounty. Crops such as wheat, melons, pumpkins, and also even carrots have the right to be grown.

12 construct A shingle Generator

complete shingle generator Minecraft
Though shingle is fairly easy come come by once mining and exploring the vast Minecraft caverns, sometimes it"s nice to have a prepared supply at one"s prompt disposal. With simply a few easy steps entailing a tiny pit, a bucket the lava, and also a bucket the water, a shingle generator deserve to be constructed. The water makes consistent contact with the flow lava, creating an instant block of cobblestone. This principle can be applied on a an ext advanced level to create obsidian as well.

This handy guide delves into an ext detail concerning the steps associated to make this an easy cobblestone contraption.

11 shot Out new Items and Features Added

Minecraft gameplay caves and cliffs glowing authorize building break-up image
One significant thing to do in Minecraft ~ a current update is come play around with any brand-new additions that have been released. Newly-added contents can variety from entire new biomes like The finish to various brand-new items and features. This already substantial game proceeds to grow and also expand, so it"s constantly a good idea to delve earlier in and explore the brand-new happenings, specifically after part time off.

The current 1.17 update alone includes a slew of brand-new items including a land-scanning Spyglass, glow Sign, light Berries, and Tinted Glass.

10 Slay The Ender Dragon

Minecraft boss
getting here in The End, players space met challenge to challenge with Minecraft"s most powerful foe. The Ender Dragon is a mythological creature the is considered the last boss in Minecraft. The Ender Dragon spits fireballs and flies rapidly throughout the area. Even in calm mode, the Ender Dragon can reason damage.

acquiring to this boss isn"t basic as players must do an ext than merely build a Nether Portal. The finish is similar to the Nether world since it doesn"t have actually a day and night cycle. However, it"s recommended to have actually diamond armor, a diamond sword, lots of potions, and golden apples before facing the Ender Dragon.

9 build A Roller Coaster

Minecraft"s titular function of mining extends come mine carts. In spite of being a simple thing to do in the game, players frequently overlook it. Include in a dose of imagination, and those minecarts and also rails have the right to be transformed into a roller coaster fun ride.

Think the it as a monorail other than with Redstone tracks and ups and also downs at tremendous speeds. Roller coasters in Minecraft deserve to be custom-themed and also colored to carry out a trembling experience favor none other.

8 Mine because that Diamonds

finding diamonds beneath level 16 is possible, but they are most commonly found in great 5-12. Diamonds serve as the most long lasting material because that a piece of armor or sword and the most reliable for mining with a pickaxe.

particularly if you setup to go mob searching in the Nether world, having diamond equipment is a must-have. The thrill you suffer finding a diamond is much like capturing a fish in a sparse lake. Only if you go swimming in a lava lake, you"ll roast.

7 try Out The recent Mods

If you"re cultivation bored of Minecraft, then there are plenty of alternatives for expanding your horizons. The modding ar has put together an abundance of mode to improve the Minecraft experience.

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LOTSOMOBS puts away the long days of seeing chicken and also squid everywhere. Biomes in the game become more realistic v the advent of twenty-five mobs. There are at least fifteen mods the make Minecraft feeling brand new.

6 Play With Friends

structure in Minecraft with girlfriend is extremely recommended if you"re feeling bored. Playing through friends lets you brainstorm with each other to build the most detailed designs. Particularly in survival mode, having actually a girlfriend who has actually your earlier is essential.

obtaining bored of playing Minecraft while developing the same house designs? discover a other villager with a wild creativity to take those designs come the following level.

5 do Renovations To your House

already built a house that watch immaculate? Think again! Minecraft has many texture packs, whether it"s on pc or console, that have the right to enhance the house"s appearance. Perform some renovations to an currently built house to display off those creative and architecture chops among the growing variety of other user-made Minecraft homes on the web.

Does that house even have a fridge? There space a selection of lesser-known items that deserve to be put right into a home. If the doesn"t satisfy, build a patio, or a an intricate storage room.

4 develop A City

Why avoid at a single house when you have the right to design an entire city? Limiting oneself to the architecture of a solitary home is not nearly as rewarding as a city. More time will have to be spent, even if simply creating the buildings" exterior. The quantity of landscaping time will certainly deter numerous players, i beg your pardon is why it could be far better to try it in Minecraft"s Creative mode.

choose which era the city must be based on, choose the ideal texture pack, and also build away! It"s worth noting that an urban metropolis might take longer than a rural area.

3 shot Out an innovative Mode

Those who have actually been handling Survival mode for part time must really be a organic in an innovative mode. One have the right to avoid being bogged down in survive by make things simpler in this creative sandbox; a mode that allows players create and also destroy objects instantly and also simply.

v the whole item an option within arm"s reach, players can develop whatever their minds have the right to conjure lacking the looming risk of enemy mobs. This ease and also open-ended features enable players to really flex their creative muscles and also go to town on structure creation.

2 produce Redstone Contraptions

Redstone proves to be a valuable commodity in Minecraft for those who know just how to use it. Popular Redstone contraptions incorporate Redstone piston doors that open automatically, super smelters that enhance wait times, and a zero-loss sugarcane farm.

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developing Redstone contraptions is a little an ext involved 보다 the game"s various other tasks. One can also make a dungeon farm, which is built approximately a mob spawner. V Redstone together its propeller, dungeon farms develop an endless supply of items there is no the should kill every mob.

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1 construct A huge Pyramid

building a pyramid could be together dull as watching repaint dry, yet the won"t stop plenty of from accomplishing what our ancestors walk in ancient times. Football player can construct a virtual replica of the good Pyramid the Giza, an era-defining pyramid, and what"s left of the ancient Seven marvels of the World.

structure a pyramid is encourage in Minecraft"s an innovative mode uneven one favors laboring for hundreds of hours working in Survival. Nevertheless, each variation of a pyramid is momentous and worthwhile. It deserve to be fairly scenic while likewise serving as a reference point for navigation.