Admit it! iPhone is not recognized for its customizability. However, this list of cool points to do with her iPhone will offer your phone brand-new life and make girlfriend look in ~ it in a new light.

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Even then, it has actually a couple of awesome functions that you can not know about yet. Many of these functions are buried under various settings. So, for a typical user, those are difficult to find. But, we have the right to tell you that, these functions can be helpful and fun in ~ the very same time.

So, if you own an iPhone and want to it is in a strength user, you deserve to learn this tips and also tricks. Because that you, we have jotted down 25 cool points to do with your iPhone in this post.

So, let’s jump best in…

Note: this tips and also tricks depend on the version of iOS installed on her iPhone. So, based on that some of these features can or mightn’t be available on your iPhone. Still, you can offer them a try to find out, for sure.

25 Cool points to execute with your iPhone

#1 Siri have the right to Remind friend to examine a message at a later Time


Ever got a text article or email while you space busy? In such situations, you can not read it ideal away. But, you deserve to ask Siri to remind you about reading the text one more time. How perform you perform that? Simply, asking Siri come let you understand to review the message at a later on time.

And, Siri will immediately notify you around the article after a while. Most of the messaging/communication-related apps like Mail, Messages, Safari, and Notes, etc. Space compatible through this feature.

#2 use the Switch regulate Feature


This cheat is hidden under the ‘Accessibility’ settings. This is a good option to usage head activity gesture to manage lots of action on her iPhone. Here’s just how to carry out it. First, friend should permit the ‘Switch Control’ option on her iPhone. Then you’d need to include a brand-new switch manage action. Follow the measures below…

First, walk to the ‘Settings’ food selection of your iPhoneNext, navigate to Settings>General>Accessibility optionFrom over there tap ~ above the ‘Switch Control’ alternative by scrolling downNow tap top top the ‘Switches’ optionNext tap ~ above the ‘Add brand-new Switch’ alternative from thereAnd tap on the ‘Camera’ optionFrom there, choose the either ‘Left Head Movement’ or ‘Right Head Movement’ (it’s as much as you)Next, select any kind of actions native the ‘System’ tab. Stop say you have actually selected ‘Increase Volume’

So from currently on, when you tilt her head ~ above the direction you have chosen earlier will cause the ‘increase volume’ action. Obviously, you deserve to add an ext switches for a better user experience.

#3 use the key-board as a Trackpad


It’s an additional neat and useful feature of the default keyboard of iOS. You deserve to use the keyboard as a trackpad to move the cursor efficiently. This attribute can come in handy when you will need to relocate the cursor from one native to one more faster and accurately. It is a problem to perform that by just tapping. Here’s how…

Start typing with the default iOS keyboardNow, tap and hold anywhere on the keyboard and the trackpad feature will it is in activatedSo, you can now move the cursor by simply dragging your finger around the keyboard through easeJust let walk of the key-board when the cursor is in ~ the location you want it come be

#4 calculate Faster


There room times as soon as you will must calculate something faster than usual. At those moments, girlfriend can use the following trick to access the calculator right away. Here’s what you must do…

Swipe indigenous the left to best of the display of her iPhone and the find bar will pop upNow, go into the calculations by typing directly on the find boxIn doing so, friend will discover the an outcome under the search bar immediately

Yes, we recognize that it is not ideal to usage this technique for doing much longer or more tough calculations. Yet, for faster calculation, this trick deserve to save a the majority of time. You can access the find bar native both the lock screen and also home screen.

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#5 Undo feature on Calculator


With the assist of this feature, you can reply to any type of text message without also opening the details messaging app. Yes, you have actually heard that right. You can reply to any type of messages directly from the notification bar. This feature likewise works while your iPhone is locked.

Once girlfriend receive a text, the will show on the notice barSo, accessibility the notice bar by swiping down from the optimal of the screenNow, swipe from best to left across the article notification, and also tap top top the ‘Reply’ option from thereNow, you can kind the reply and also tap ~ above ‘Send’ come send the article without also unlocking your iPhone or leaving the current app you space using

#9 use the Grayscale Mode

Since, iOS 8, iphone phone comes through the grayscale shade mode. This function has number of benefits. For instance, it can assist users through visual special needs to usage their iPhones without discomfort. Also, if you room running low on battery, you can allow this setting to just acquire by.

Moreover, grayscale mode can additionally be provided to tackle phone addiction. Now, relying on the variation of the iOS her iPhone has, the procedure of permitting this setting will vary. So, right here are a pair of approaches for you come try.

Method 1:

Navigate come the Settings>General>Accessibility settingsNow, tap top top the ‘Grayscale’ alternative to permit it

Method 2:

Navigate to the Settings>General>Accessibility settingsFrom there go to display Accommodations>Color FiltersNow, madness and allow the ‘Color Filters’ optionAnd, then select the ‘Grayscale’ option from down listed below by tapping ~ above itYou will watch a checkmark next to the ‘Grayscale’ option once it is activated

There are a few more filters available on there as well. Those room specifically developed for people with color blindness. So, if you are color blind, you can use those color filters as well. You can also increase or diminish the soot of the shade filters through dragging the strongness slider from the bottom the the page.

#10 Customize the Brightness Level that the Flashlight

You can additionally tweak the intensity of the flashlight’s brightness on your iPhone.

Tap and also hold the flashlight symbol on her iPhoneIn act so, 3 alternatives such together ‘Bright Light’, ‘Medium Light’, and ‘Low Light’ will pop upSelect the one you would certainly like

#11 Unlock your iPhone without pressing the house Button

By default, girlfriend will should press the ‘Home Button’ come unlock the phone. But, yes another an excellent way to execute that.

Navigate come ‘Settings>General Accessibility> home Button’ settingsNow allow the ‘Rest Finger to Unlock’ optionFrom currently on, you have the right to unlock your iPhone by simply placing her finger on the residence button. No have to press that anymore

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#12 Create and also Assign tradition Vibrations

Setting a tradition ringtone for a particular contact is currently a famous feature. You can get to understand who is calling just by hearing the specific ringtone. Yet when your phone is in the ‘Vibration’ mode, tradition ringtone no help. And, that’s when custom vibration feature comes into the play.

Step 1. Develop the new Vibration:

Navigate come Settings>Sound & Haptics>Ringtone>Vibration>Create brand-new VibrationNow, create a new vibration together your liking native thereThen tap on the ‘Stop’ alternative from the bottom ideal cornerNext, tap ~ above the ‘Save’ alternative from the peak right cornerAdd a surname to the new vibration

Step 2. Assign the vibration:

Select the contact from the ‘Contacts’ application to i beg your pardon you should assign the new vibrationNow, tap ~ above the ‘Edit’ symbol from the height of the screenNext, tap on the ‘Vibration’ optionAnd, choose the vibration you have just created

#13 Shake come Undo Typing

This is an additional hidden function of the iPhone. It deserve to be provided to drown the inputting while you room writing a text or mail. So, whenever you think you have to undo what you have actually written, just shake your iPhone. And also a popup will show up with the options ‘Undo’ or ‘Redo’. Tap on it come undo the typing.

#14 use the Optimized Battery Charging Feature

This is a new feature. So, if you space using an larger edition that the iPhone, you can not be able to use it. However, if you permit this option, the can help reduce battery aging.

With the assist of machine learning, her iPhone will find out the charging habit of yours. So, it won’t charge past 80% right away. It can come in comfortable if you fee your iphone at night. Here’s just how to activate this setting…

Navigate come ‘Settings>Battery>Battery health and wellness optionFrom this page, allow the ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ option

#15 protect against Apps from asking for a Rating

Isn’t that annoying as soon as a pop up shows up out of i do not have anything to ask for a rating or reviewing an application you room using? We recognize reviews are an essential for application developers. Interestingly, you deserve to turn this off on your iPhone.

Navigate come Settings>iTunes & app Store optionNext, disable the ‘In-App Ratings & Reviews’ option

#16 produce Custom Memoji

Memoji’s is a new addition to iPhones. That is a fun attribute to interact with various other iPhone users. Interestingly, you can create new Memoji’s as favor you want. Here’s how…

Launch the ‘Messages’ appTap top top the ‘Animoji’ iconNow, swipe right and tap on the ‘New Memoji’ optionNext, choose different characteristics like skin color, hairstyle, age, chin, head shape, ears, eye color, etc. One by one to your likingThat’s it! you have developed a customized Memoji

#17 measure up Objects

Since the relax of iOS 12, Apple introduced a new app called ‘Measure’. v this app, you deserve to measure most of the physical objects making use of your iPhone’s camera. This might constantly not it is in accurate.

Yet, it have the right to come handy to acquire an almost right measurement of an object without having actually to look for a ice measure. So, whenever girlfriend will should measure something from now on, you have the right to use the ‘Measure’ app.

#18 lug Out the One-Handed Keyboard

There are times once you can’t use your phone through both hands. And, we additionally know that it is very hard to type with just one hand. At together moments, you deserve to take benefit of the one-handed keyboard feature of your iPhone.

Once you space typing, tap and also hold the ’emoji’ key or the ‘Globe’ crucial on your iPhone’s default keyboardNow, tap on the ‘left/right-handed keyboard’ symbol from the optionsYou can tap ~ above the ‘Arrow’ icon from the blank space to go ago to the standard/full keyboard

#19 Scan documents without any type of Third-Party Apps

Need come scan a document? No have to install a third-party app. You have the right to do that with the ‘Notes’ app.

Launch the ‘Notes’ appNow, tap on the ‘Add new Note’ symbol which looks like a ‘pen and also paper’. Friend can additionally open an currently noteNow, tap top top the ‘+’ icon from above the keyboardNext tap top top the ‘Scan Documents’ potionIn doing so, your camera will certainly activate. So, snap a photo of the document you desire to scanOptionally, you can readjust the corners of the snapshot for far better results before you conserve the pictureFinally, tap ~ above the ‘Save’ button

#20 display Time Management

Your iphone (iOS 12+) has a built-in feature called ‘Screen Time’. This can come in handy to track the time you invest on your iPhone. Additionally, girlfriend can likewise limit your consumption with this feature. So, if you space addicted to your iPhone and want come cut back on that, you have the right to take benefit of this feature.

Navigate to Settings>Screen Time optionToggle on the ‘Screen Time’ attribute from there and also tap top top ‘Continue’Next, choose whether it is your or your child’s phoneIn doing so, you will get a detailed usage report of your iPhoneYou can also collection limits ~ above your consumption using this feature

#21 add multiple faces to challenge ID

Recently, Apple introduced a function with which friend can include multiple deals with to the ‘Face ID’. So favor multiple fingerprints, the iPhone can recognize multiple faces. let’s see exactly how to perform that…

Navigate to Settings>Face id & Passcode option and also enter the passcodeNow, tap ~ above the ‘Set up an alternate Appearance’ alternative from thereAnd, you have the right to now include a second face come the ‘Face ID’

#22 search Photos based upon Keywords

There is a search bar in ~ the optimal of the ‘Photos’ app. The is actually an extremely powerful. You deserve to search because that photos by specific names, dates, faces, objects, and also more. For instance, if you type in ‘Dogs’ on the search bar. It will present you every the photos that have a dog on it. Similarly, if you type a date, it will display the image you have taken top top that details date.

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#23 use Timer to prevent the Music Player

iPhones are obtaining bigger work by day. So, there’s a opportunity that you can not be able to access the top of the screen with your fingers easily.

The ‘Reachability Mode’ comes in comfortable in together a situation. Simply double-tap top top the ‘Home’ button, all the contents of the screen will relocate down in a snap. Remember this technique will work-related on iphone phone 6 Plus and 6S add to models.

You can also disable this setup by going to Settings>General>Accessibility. Climate disable the ‘Reachability’ option indigenous there.

For newer iPhones, you deserve to swipe under on the bottom edge of the screen to bring the content of the display closer come the bottom. It can also be done by quickly swiping up and down on the bottom sheet of the screen.

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By default, the ‘Reachability Mode’ is disabled. Friend can enable it by navigating come Settings>Accessibility>Touch. Climate scroll down and tap ~ above ‘Reachability ‘and permit it.

Summing the Up:

There you have it. Now, you know the 25 cool things to carry out with your iPhone. For this reason go and start to shot them yourself. And, if girlfriend know more awesome tips and tricks pertained to the iPhone, don’t forget come share them v us. You can constantly leave your comment down below!