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2. Searching “tic tac toe” will let you begin up that game. Girlfriend can set it come play against a girlfriend or Google itself. Because that a actual challenge, set the challenge to “Impossible,” and try to acquire anything excellent at work.

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3. If you're in the holiday spirit, you have the right to play a digital game of dreidel by searching "spin (or play) dreidel."



7. Browsing “anagram” will certainly ask if you supposed “nag a ram." That, that course, is one anagram of "anagram."

8. If you understand anything about programming, you'll gain a kick the end of this one: trying to find “recursion” — a programming term introduce to a function that calls back to chin — will ask if you supposed “recursion.” Now shot clicking on the repeatedly. Acquire it?

9. Search “what sound walk a dog make” and you'll get a "woof" sound — you have the right to also try cow, pig, duck, and a couple of other animals.

10. This one is because that "Seinfeld" fans: as soon as you type in "Festivus," you'll view a pole pop up ~ above the left side of the screen.

11. If you’re feeling curious, find “fun facts” (or “I’m emotion curious”). That’ll return a Snapple-cap-style piece of arbitrarily information, i beg your pardon you can refresh right on the page.

12. Looking “Google in 1998” will carry you to a page reminiscent that what Google looked choose a couple decades ago, complete with company background details — and also that awful logo.

13. Looking for “the answer come life, the universe, and also everything” bring up a calculator an outcome of 42, a referral to Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy.”

14. Here's a slightly much more obscure one: Googling “Conway’s game of life” return a sprawling digital computer animation to the side of the screen. This is a reference to the famed self-simulating “cellular automaton” developed by brother mathematician man Conway in 1970.

15. There are plainly a few gamers on Google’s search team. Search “Super Mario Bros,” for instance, and one the the "?" block from that collection will show up in the understanding Graph map on the right. Click it, and also you’ll be treated the same coin-dispensing sound effect you’d hear in the original games.

16. Because that Sega fans, looking "Sonic the Hedgehog" will bring up the lovely mascot in the knowledge Graph. Clicking on him will certainly make him carry out his trademark spin, and eventually transform him into his powered-up supervisor Sonic form.

17. Searching “zerg rush” will certainly unleash a torrent that O's that progressively eat far at her results. This is a referral to a kind of attack in the famous strategy game series "StarCraft."

18. A treat for those who remember Nintendo’s "Star Fox 64": browsing “do a barrel roll” will spin the results page a full 360 degrees. You can likewise search “Z or R twice” — that's the command you had actually to struggle on the Nintendo 64 controller to perform said barrel roll.

19. Googling “Pacman” will permit you to play the interactive game Google developed for a Doodle celebrating the tiny yellow guy’s 30th anniversary ago in 2010.

20. Relocate over come Google picture Search, and searching “Atari breakout” will revolve that page’s photos into a big game the — girlfriend guessed it — "Breakout."

21. Because all of existence comes back to Kevin Bacon in the end, searching “bacon number” ~ a celebrity’s name will certainly tell you simply how numerous degrees that separation are in between that celebrity and the star the "Hollow Man."

22. If you're still no over the fidget crackhead craze the 2017, shot searching for "spinner." You deserve to chose in between an endlessly turn fidget spinner or a "Wheel that Fortune"-style number spinner.

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23. Google included a device for musicians, too. Just form in "metronome," then adjust the BPM because that your item of music.