In 1972, together the fight it out of Windsor"s health continued to worsen, he and the Duchess of Windsor—the woman formerly known together Wallis Simpson, because that whom he"d abdicated the throne—were living in your opulent Parisian manse, at the sheet of the Bois de Boulogne.

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Baltimore-born Juliana Chatard Alexander served as his night nurse at the end, and shared she experiences v the Baltimore Sun. "The first night i was there, the Duke’s valet lugged in the most beautiful poached pear in a crystal bowl sit on a silver- salver," she said. "The duke waved the away. A few minutes later, the valet came back with the very same salver hold one cigarette."

Alexander remembers him acquisition a liking to she for dealing with him as a "golden lamb," and also for calling him "Duke," favor John Wayne.


According come her, the Duke"s partnership with his mam was distant. "She hardly ever came in to watch him," Alexander said. "I witnessed her in his room top top the first night, and then again the night he died. Ns was there from 7 afternoon to 7 am for around three weeks, and also during that time, she didn"t come in and eat through her husband."

Queen Elizabeth visited him that May, during her state visit to France. An archived Reuters report notes that the fight it out was "too okay to leave the first-floor sit room" during the visit. The Duchess placed on a navy linen coatdress by Dior for their tea—a garment that would certainly still it is in hanging "carefully tended" in she closet years later, after the couples" home had been restored.

Later the month, on might 28, 1972, the previous King Edward VIII surrendered to throat cancer. "He died peacefully," a Buckingham royal residence spokesperson claimed at the time.


The couple"s onetime footman, Sidney Johnson, would later tell the New York Times around that night. "This is where his imperial highness died," Johnson said, to express the bedroom. "I remember they came to embalm him and I choose a suit for him come wear. However they said, no, he"ll be wearing nothing. "As he comes, therefore he goes." That"s what they said."

His casket to be flown to the U.K., therefore he can be set to rest in the Royal interment Ground in Windsor. A private funeral company was held at St. George"s Chapel, ~ the duke had lain in state over there for 3 days.


The Duchess of Windsor (center) attends the Duke’s funeral together Prince Philip (left) and also Queen Elizabeth (right).

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"The public to be excluded native the chapel, however hundreds gathered outside, some putting flowers ~ above the grass verges leading to it," the New York Times reported at the time. ~ the trumpets sounded, noting the finish of the half-hour service, "the Duchess the Windsor, in perhaps the many poignant couple of moments, was standing motionless, head bowed, prior to the coffin."

This was complied with by a tiny burial ceremony, attended by only 14 people. After its conclusion, the Duchess that Windsor easily returned to France. She live there until her own fatality in 1986, after i beg your pardon she was buried beside she husband in Windsor.