Sex and the City was widely popular throughout its entire six seasons which aired indigenous 1998 to 2004. Like numerous other HBO shows, SATC to be the first of it’s sort as the tackled not only different societal issues and timely controversies, but likewise broke under a many of barriers when it involves women and relationships and also it did so in a way that was lighthearted and comical. Sex and the City followed four expert women in your thirties, life in brand-new York City trying to navigate their an individual lives and relationships. The display has end up being a cultural phenomenon because, not just is it simply as popular today together it was 12 years ago, it’s even much more so! It’s one of those collection we can watch over and over again and it simply never it s okay old — it’s timeless as with the city. Here’s a look at 8 the the funniest illustration from the Sex and the City series!

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8. “Anchors Away” Season 5, illustration 1

This to be the first episode filmed after ~ Sept. 11, 2001 and also was claimed to serve as a tribute come the city. Not just did it manage to give a appropriate shout the end to the city of brand-new York, the was likewise one of Samantha’s funniest episodes! quiet reeling from she break up, Samantha is finally past the phase of mourning Richard and also onto the revenge phase. Richard security the whole episode trying to get ago together with Samantha even though she does everything in her strength to punishment him. She prints out hundreds of flyers plastered through Richard’s face branding him together a lyin’ cheat and passes lock out approximately his neighborhood. She tapes them to posts, hand them out to pedestrians and leaves them on the windshields that parked dare making certain that everyone in city knows who he is and what the did. As soon as she goes to satisfy him for drinks later, she wastes no time hearing his apology. She grabs she dirty martini and, in the many satisfying step in the history of television, throws she drink in his face and says: “Dirty martini, dirty bastard.” Cue the mic drop.



2. “Was It an excellent For You?” Season 2, episode 16

Charlotte is upset due to the fact that the man she is dating fell asleep during intercourse. She’s worried that she’s bad in bed and decides to authorize herself and also the girls up for a tantric sex workshop. She drags all the girl there versus their will and also to their surprise the teacher gives a an extremely hands on show of she fool evidence techniques. Unfortunately, in a totally hilarious and disturbing scene Miranda she is captured in the overcome fire of his happy ending and spends the rest of the episode wiping her forehead through Kleenex!


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1. “Attack the the Five-Foot-Woman” Season 3, episode 3

Miranda rental a brand-new cleaning lady called Magda to help around the house. She quickly realizes the Magda is cut from a different cloth and the 2 of castle have totally different ideas of what a “woman” should be doing. Miranda is a solitary woman in she thirties who works over 50 hrs a week, if Magda is an older europe woman who has really firm timeless values. Magda do the efforts to be stealth by transforming little things here and also there roughly the apartment like relocating Miranda’s coffee mugs, switching she coffee for tea and subtly buying a rolling pin for she to usage to make pies. Miranda quickly starts to feeling guilty that she’s not much more of a housewife, especially when Magda finds her “goodie drawer” in the nightstand. That all comes to a head once Miranda settles in because that the night, reaches into the drawer in her nightstand and, rather of finding her usual items, she pulls the end a frostbite of mommy Teresa!

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